If you have ever been on a fat loss diet program before, you know very well what the hunger beast is all about.  You’re restricting your food intake trying to get your body burning off those body fat stores and your body itself is crying out for food.

It’s nagging you.

It’s demanding your full attention.

And, it’s making you think about nothing else other than that box of cookies you know is sitting in the pantry.

For most dieters, they’re perfectly fine going about their diet plan when hunger isn’t in the picture.  They have great will power and are ready to stay on track and see the results that they’re after.

They’re confident.  They’re calm.  They’re collected.

They are going to win the battle of the bulge.

A few hours later, hunger kicks in.

Instantly, they aren’t so confident any more.  Many people make the mistake of chalking up succeeding with a diet to pure will power.  Really, it’s so much more.  Will power is important for saying no to foods that you shouldn’t be eating, but when your body is screaming out for food, even foods that are on your diet list likely look extremely appealing.

It’s not so much that you need cake, candy, or pizza, it’s that you need more food.

But, this is your body’s way of trying to get you to eat more. It doesn’t like the fact you’re not eating enough and it’s out to put a stop to it.

How well you get beyond this will be a key determining factor as to how well you succeed with your weight loss goals.

So, what’s the secret to getting beyond hunger and carrying on with your diet?

Fortunately, small things that you’re doing on a daily basis will influence the degree of hunger you experience, so by getting the right strategies in place, you’ll play the dieting game much more successfully.

Let’s walk you through six things that you can do right now to put a stop to hunger.

Go Low Carb

Can’t stand the thought of going without your morning slice of toast or sitting down to a dinner without a baked potato? If you’re looking to banish hunger, you may want to consider it.

While I don’t agree that you must use a low carb diet to see fat loss, I will agree that low carb diets, by nature, will help you control your hunger level better.

Without carbohydrates coming into the body, you won’t get nearly as large of an insulin response and will keep your blood glucose level on a steady keel.

It’s the sudden drop in blood glucose that really prompts strong hunger pains – and we’re talking about the type of hunger pains that are damn well impossible to push through, so that is what you want to avoid.

Low carb diets accomplish that nicely.

While the thought of giving up those carbs may not be so appealing, if you often fall off your diet due to hunger, you may want to rethink this.  How important is success to you?

Drink Hot Liquids

Another quick and simple tip to help put a stop to hunger in a hurry is to sip on some hot liquids. Herbal tea, or even better, Green tea (since it also helps to boost the metabolism) is especially great for this.

They’re calorie free and will help promote better health over all.  Best of all, they also fill your stomach up, thus reducing hunger in that regard and also heat the body, which is usually another side effect of being hungry – you’re cold.

Hot liquids solve both of these problems fast.

Have A Protein Shake

Think liquids won’t fill you up as much as food? Think again.

Whey protein powder proves to be very satiating to those who consume it before a meal, so much so that it can actually reduce how many calories are consumed during that meal.

One study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition noted that whey protein has the potential to contribute to the regulation of body weight by providing signals that affect both short-term and long-term food intake regulation.

Meaning, using a protein shake during the day can both help you take in fewer calories immediately after consumption as well as fewer calories over the long term.  Just be sure whatever form of protein powder you select to have contains minimal carbs and fats to prevent a higher intake of calories.

Ideally you want to look for a protein powder that contains around 100 calories per scoop and has 22-24 grams of protein per serving.

Move It To Lose It

This hunger busting strategy has two benefits, first, reducing hunger (obviously), and second, burning calories.

Exercise itself can help to decrease your appetite, so next time you’re feeling hungry, get up and go for a walk.  Just keep in mind there are limits to this.

If you’re exercising for hours on end, this can actually increase your hunger level higher, so it may prove to create more of a problem than it solves.

Long endurance cardio sessions tend to be especially bad for bringing about higher levels of hunger, so those are what you’ll want to stay away from.

To have hunger reducing effects, we’re talking about a brisk 10 minute walk at the onset of hunger.

Don’t Neglect All Fats

Have you slashed all the fat from your meal plan?  If so, then it’s time to consider adding it back in.  Fat is the most satisfying nutrient of all three (proteins, carbs, and fats), so it’s important to add in with moderation.

Just do realize that fat contains more calories per gram (9) compared to both protein and carbohydrates (4), so don’t go too crazy with it.

5-7 grams per meal should be sufficient to help calm your hunger and help you stick with your diet plan.  Also make sure that you are choosing the healthiest types of fats to include in the diet such as nuts and seeds, olive oil, fatty fish (which is also a fantastic source of protein as well), and avocado.

Fill Up On Fiber

Finally, the last quick way to calm those nasty hunger pains you’re experiencing on your diet plan is to fill up on fiber.  Fiber slows down the entire digestion process so it’ll easily help you stay satisfied for a longer period of time.

When on a very intense diet, your best bet for taking in fiber will be from vegetable sources as these are what will contain the fewest calories.  You can virtually eat a boat load of vegetables before it’s going to amount to much and make a difference on your diet plan.

When you are eating complex carbohydrates (such as around the workout period), then opt for the high fiber containing varieties such as oats, brown rice, quinoa, bulgur, and sweet potatoes.  Berries and apples are also fiber-winners on the fruit side of things so consider adding those in periodically and in moderation as well.

So there you have it.  6 quick tips to put a stop to hunger fast.  There’s no questioning the fact that hunger can very quickly take you away from seeing the success you desire so it’s time to take control over it and put it in its place.

Do you have any hunger-busting strategies you’d like to share?



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