Looking to create an ebook? You’re in luck - these are my favourite projects to work on.

You dream it, I create it.  Ebooks can range in page number from 25 pages all the way up to 150+ pages depending on the topic and specifications you choose.  You can either sell this ebook directly on your website or through a third party such as Clickbank or Amazon.

When you come to me with an ebook project, I’ll first get the details of what it is that you are looking to create.  From there, I will come up with a detailed chapter outline for you to review and amend as you prefer.

From there, I will be ready to get started, creating your very own book.  Once it’s finished, you’ll have the opportunity to review it and if any revisions are required, you can send them over to me and I’ll finalize the copy from there.

Contact me now to get started!


*Please note that I am unable to do any special formatting with ebooks and all will be delivered in word or PDF format.

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