If you’re building a service or product oriented website, getting a list started is a big step you must take.  By creating a newsletter list, you’ll help foster a closer relationship with your readers and potential customers, gaining their trust and interest in what it is you do.

Over time, this can mean more products are sold and whenever you come up with a new product or service, you’ll have a list of potential buyers right at your fingertips.  You want a newsletter that informs  your readers not only about what it is you want to sell, but that also educates them on the latest news and information in your industry.  This is what will help build up your authority and help you gain that important trust and respect.

I’ll create a newsletter that soft sells whatever products or services you have while making sure that they feel connected to your business and interested to learn more.  This will help to reduce the number of opt-outs you receive over time, resulting in a more successful online business.

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