Terms of Service

In order to help the process move as smooth as possible, I have a few terms that I like all my clients to know. If you have any further questions about anything not discussed on this list or items touched upon, please send me an email directly.

By working with Shannon Clark Fitness Inc. you are agreeing to the following terms of service.

Getting Started 

Article Projects

Prior to starting, you can assign article topics or I can send topic suggestions. If you have specific points you want addressed in these articles, please provide those details to me prior to me starting the assignment. If these details are noted after the assignment is given, please note additional charges will apply for any revisions required in relation to the new material. If you wish to send over a brief article outline for each piece, please feel free to do so (however it’s not necessary)

Ebook/Book Projects

For ebook or book projects, once we’ve discussed the topic, intended audience, and any other information, I will create a detailed chapter outline for you to review. From here, you and I can make any further changes until it’s approved by you and I can then begin writing. Please note that any material given after the outline has been approved to be incorporated into the book will incur additional charges.

Email Correspondence 

Please be aware that in a conscious effort to maximize my efficiency, I have an email checking schedule.  In order to ensure the highest quality of work for all my clients, I will not be checking email while I am working on written projects. As such, I will return emails twice per day between the hours of 9am and 4pm MDT and all emails will receive a reply within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

As I work with numerous clients all over the world, email allows communication to run smoothly.  In almost all instances, I prefer email over all other mediums. This is to both help keep your writing rates lower (allowing me more focused writing time to get projects completed) and provides me a back up reference of what was said should I need to refer to it at a later date.

If for whatever reason you feel you need to schedule in a call, calls will be scheduled at least two days in advance and are subject to a charge of $40/30 minute time period ($80/hour).

Price Quotes 

As my rates can change over time, all price quotes given are valid for a two (2) week time period after they are issued. Once this time has lapsed, please contact for a new quote when you’re ready to move forward.

Terms Of Payment 

In most instances, I will be using a third party Escrow system and full Escrow funding is required prior to starting.  No payment is required upfront, however if a larger project is broken down into milestones, partial payment may be in effect after partial completion and delivery.

Infrequently, I will accept Paypal payment as well, however full payment is required upfront.


I take my deadlines very seriously, so you will always receive, barring any extreme circumstances, your content by or before the date that has been determined in our agreement. I work on only 1-2 projects at a time, again to ensure they have my full attention and I produce the highest quality of work, so your project will be book in on a first scheduled, first completed basis.  I do schedule work up to 3 weeks in advance during busy periods, so the sooner you can schedule, the sooner you will receive your content.

Delivery Of Content 

All of my content is delivered in word format unless otherwise requested and discussed. PDF is also available, however WordPress uploading is not. Also please note I have no graphic design programs, so all covers and inner page graphics/design will not be included.


Because I quote on a per project bases versus hourly, I will do my absolute best to lay out the full scope of the project prior to beginning to avoid any unnecessary revisions.

One round of revisions will be completed within a two (2) week period after initial draft delivery at no cost provided they fall within the scope that was laid out at the beginning (getting started stage).  Should a revision request not come within the initial two (2) week period after delivery of the first draft, all revisions will be subject to an hourly rate of $80/hour with a 30 minute minimum fee (total fee will be quoted upon revision request).  I take my delivery deadlines very seriously and I expect my clients to review their material in a timely manner as well.

Should you decide to change the scope of the project (add information that was not included in the initial stages or change the overall direction of the content), this will not be covered under my revision policy and will be quoted at an hourly rate of $80/hour with a 30 minute minimum.

All revisions will be completed and returned back to the client within a one (1) week time frame.

Copyright Policy 

Unless otherwise discussed, all content will be 100% unique and original to your site and you will retain full copyright to that content.


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