If there’s one online program that has seen an extremely high amount of success time and time again, Truth About Abs would be it.  This program has been available since 2004 and is still coming in top spot as one of the hottest products on the market.

But, is it right for you? And, does it really reveal the Truth About Abs as the name suggests?

Let me take a closer look at what I personally think of this product so you can get the need-to-know facts about whether this is one that you should consider.

The Author

The Truth About Abs Program is written by author Mike Geary, who is a certified personal trainer as well as nutritional specialist.  He has been published in countless fitness magazines and a graduate from the Susquehanna University’s Bachelor of Science program.

The Gist Of The Program

One of the biggest mistakes that some people make when looking at the Truth About Abs is that they think it’s just for people who want to get flat abs. They believe that the only goal this program will help them achieve is to lose ab fat and not much else.

That’s furthest from the truth.  The Truth About Abs program is actually a full body workout program that comes complete with diet advice.  So all in all, it’s a comprehensive way to lose body fat.

One of the key notions that the author points out is that you can’t spot reduce fat directly from the abdominal muscles, but rather you need to focus on losing fat from all over the body.  As you do this, you’ll start to look leaner and you’ll see what the truth about abs is all about.

The program itself is based around very sound concepts so there aren’t any gimmicks here.  You’ll be performing a workout program that focuses around the key compound movements that will increase your strength, enhance muscle tone, and improve your fitness level, all while burning fat at the same time.

The author provides picture illustrations of the exercises which is nice for those beginners who don’t quite understand what all that fitness mumble-jumble means.  The workouts are fairly simple and straightforward, so something that most people should easily be able to start doing.

In addition to that, many of the workouts can be performed right at home, so if you currently don’t have a gym membership, this won’t be a problem.  You’ll still be able to complete the program as-is.

On the diet side of things, the author gives good advice here as well.  Mike shares with you information that you may have never thought of before that goes beyond just counting calories, grams of proteins, carbs, and dietary fats.

He’ll get you thinking harder about the foods that you’re putting in your body and the effects that they have on you.  He’s a very natural eater and his philosophies illustrate this in his dietary approach.

This diet isn’t extremely low calorie nor is it extremely low carb.  It’s a moderate plan that will produce good results provided you stick with it.  And, it’ll likely get you  a whole heck of a lot healthier as well.

What You’re Going To Get

When you purchase the Truth About Abs Program from Mike Geary, you will get:

  •  A 149 page manual that discusses exercise, nutrition, as well as motivational techniques to help you reach your goals
  • A personal metabolic calculator to help figure out the precise number of calories you need to eat to burn fat optimally
  • A Fast Track Meal Planner guide to make meal planning easy so that you can stick with the diet
  • A Free subscription to Mike’s Lean Body Fitness Secrets newsletter, which has a current membership of
  • Free DVD “The 5 Simple Keys To Guaranteed Fat Loss” from Kim Lyons, who has appeared on the hit TV-series, the Biggest Loser
  • M-Power Fast Fitness Audio Series, which includes four different lectures with advice on how you can maintain your motivational levels.
  • An 8 week dumbbell bodyweight fusion workout program
  • An at-home workout program that combines bodyweight and dumbbell exercises


  • Fast paced workouts – most only take around 45 minutes to complete
  • Additional ab workouts, however note that these only last 5-10 minutes done 2-3 times per week
  • Focuses on healthy foods, not a fad diet approach
  • Is user-friendly – even beginners can use this program
  • Is realistic for those with busy lifestyles
  • Is relatively easy to understand so you don’t have to have a large background in fitness to use it
  • Works for both males and females
  • Doesn’t require long cardio workout sessions to burn off body fat
  • Comes with a 100%, 60 day money back guarantee
  • Has many user testimonials of others who have achieved success on the plan


  • Supplements are promoted throughout the program and while you don’t need to buy them, they are repeatedly mentioned
  • You won’t receive any videos of the exercises, so you’ll either have to seek elsewhere for this or learn just from the pictures provided
  • The diet plans that he prescribes can be slightly more costly as much of the food is organic or pricier varieties (however you can purchase the cheaper varieties if cost is an issue)
  • There isn’t as much community support with this program as there is with others, so you’ll have to go about it on your own

My Commentary

All in all, the Truth About Abs program is a very well structured program that will definitely help you see fat loss if you follow it properly.  The nice thing about the program is that it stresses good nutrition rather than just calorie counting, which I firmly believe is important if you hope to maintain the weight loss over the long run.

The author also does a nice job at dispelling some of the common myths out there about what it takes to get flat abs, so this will be key to learn if you want to see best results.

The workouts are straightforward and are designed to allow any user to utilize them with ease, so I feel this program will work great for most people.

The few people who may not want to use this program are those who want an extremely advanced workout program or those who prefer specific diets such as a very low carb or ketogenic diet.  This program will not cater to those needs, so another program would be a better choice.

In addition to that, those who are following a strict vegetarian diet plan may not want to use this program as meat and fish foods are a main component of the approach. You can of course make substitutions however if you have a good grasp over vegetarian nutrition.

For everyone else though, this is a sound plan that can produce permanent weight loss and teach you healthy habits that you can use for the rest of your life.  As it comes with the 60 day money back guarantee like most online programs do these days, you don’t have much to lose by giving it a try.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5