Six Week Muscle Building Program

When your main goal is to build muscle, likely the most important thing is going to be your muscle building diet.

Try as hard as you might, but you just cannot build muscle out of thin air - just like you can't build a house without the building blocks, you sure as heck can't build muscle tissue without the necessary amino acids to formulate the muscle tissue.

After you've got this weight gain diet in place though, then you'll need to look at the workout program you're doing.

Probably the biggest mistake people are making with their weight gain workouts is too much volume.

While you definitely do need to be stimulating the muscle, too much is not a good thing and you won't recover from it.

So, being sure you strike that careful balance is going to be extremely important.

Here's a six week muscle building workout from No-Nonsense Muscle Building Author, Vince DelMonte.

To get more workouts from Vince and try his complete program, please see No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program.