Top Fat Loss Secrets

When it comes to fat loss, most people are always keeping an eye out for a quick fix.

Face it, we as a bunch do not like dieting. Who would?

Restricted food intake.

Hours spent exercising.

Limited supply of energy.

Doesn't sound like good times. Luckily, if you're on a well thought out program, all three of these points will not be an issue, but most people don't find themselves lucky enough to be on such a program.

Therefore, the search for quick-fixes continues.

While I do firmly believe there are no quick-fixes, I do believe that there are some keys that need to be present for fat loss to really take place.

Here's a video I came across by Vince DelMonte discussing what he finds to be the top secret to fat loss. By the looks of things, he does have it figured out fairly well.

For more on Vince's program, click here.