High Protein Diets and Fat Loss

When on the hunt for a new diet program for weight loss to try out, you might come across some variation of a high protein diet. Essentially, high protein diets can work, however certain precautions need to be in place.

First, you should never follow a protein only diet for more than three or four more weeks unless you are trying to crash your metabolism. The body can only run on protein with little fat or carbs for so long, so without some type of 'refeeding' (adding additional calories in) process added to the program, problems will most definitely start to occur.

You can carry out a high protein diet for a longer term if you are eating carbohydrates or fat daily, since then you are supplying that little bit of extra energy that it needs. Note though, carbohydrates are key for being able to maintain exercise levels.

Do not expect to continually have high intensity workouts (weight lifting or sprint training), unless you are eating carbohydrates at some point during the week. It just will not happen.

That said, here is why higher protein diets can be effective.

Decreased Appetite

Protein is the most satisfying nutrients available, hence it only makes sense that when you're consuming more, you'll have fewer hunger issues.

This is going to be particularly the case when fat is added to the diet rather than carbohydrates - as fat tends to blunt hunger even further.

Water Weight Loss

Next, high protein diets also work due to the water weight loss you experience while on them. You should be aware though that this water weight loss will only be temporary, so think of it as just an initial motivating factor that will help propel you to stick with the diet.

Limited Food Choices

Finally, the last reason why high protein diets often work very well is due to limited food choices.

Think about it. If you can only choose between chicken, turkey, eggs, dairy, meat, and fish, how much do you really think you're going to want to eat?

The more variety we have, the less likely we are to stick with our diet - it's only human nature.

Thus, since high protein diets typically cut out so many foods, this serves to increase the success rate.

So, consider a high protein diet if you like, but do so with caution. They can become very problematic if not designed correctly.

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