Don't Think Weight Training Is The Only Way To Lose Fat

You hear it time and time again.

Weight training is the most effective way to lose body fat.

Yes, this is true - to an extent.

Any time you are on a good weight training program, you will be promoting building new muscle tissue, which then torches your metabolic rate up a notch.

Basically, the more lean body mass you have, the more you can eat and still lose weight.

If this isn't a good tool for fat loss, I'm not sure what is.

But, don't be so quick to think that weight training is the only way you can build new muscle tissue and get that fat moving.

Body Weight Exercises

Another way you can effectively boost your fitness level, burn off hundreds of calories each session, and get weight loss going is by performing body weight exercises.

These are often movements that will utilize a number of factors all at once - such as push-ups with your feet on an exercise ball, jump squats, and pull-ups.

Furthermore, any body weight exercises that you perform on exercise balls will really work those core muscles as they will be activated in order to keep the body well balanced.

As with weight training, body weight movements should not be performed on an every day basis as you are still stressing the system.

Any time you are overloading the body with a new stimulus it has not experienced before, you will need to give it sufficient time to rest and recover.

This is essential to experience results.

So, next time you're getting bored with the usual weight training program, consider changing things up a bit.

Add body weight exercises.

They are a great boredom killer and will take you one step closer to where you want to be.

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But be warned, this program is tough! So, it's only for those who really want a challenge, but at the same time are committed to getting results.

I tried it and I was sore for days!