Burn Fat Faster With Squats

Want to burn fat faster?

Good - you're among the vast majority of the population then.

When most people are trying to ramp up their rate of fat burning, they head straight for the cardio sessions and up the speed, resistance, or duration.

How many times have you done this? You were incinerating calories like no-ones business.

While this is one way you can help yourself lose body fat, it’s definitely by no means the only path on the road to weight loss.

Want to know an potentially even better path?


Squats? You might be thinking - why would squats increase weight loss?

Metabolic Rate

First, understand that the absolute best way to raise your metabolism is through high intensity exercise. If you’ve ever done full bum-to-the-ground heavy squats, you’ve experience just what intense is (if you haven’t, I’d recommend trying it).

These burn - BAD.

Because you will be using such a large number of muscle fibers while doing them, you will burn a high number of calories in the process.

The more muscle fibers that are used while exercising, the greater the weight loss you’ll see - assuming a good diet is in place, obviously.

Body Shaping

The second reason heavy squats are good for weight loss and improving your overall image is because of body shaping.

Cardio is good for losing weight, but keep in mind you’re lose weight, not necessarily fat.

Likely, when losing weight just by cardio, you’ll be losing both fat and muscle.

What’s the result?

You end up basically looking like a smaller version of your current self.

If you weight lift though - and weight lifting using heavier weights, you will change the way your body looks, not just make you smaller.

Sound like a better plan?

I thought so.

After Burn

Finally, the last reason squats are great for weight loss is because of the after burn effect. This applies with any high intensity exercise - sprinting as well - the more intense, the more calories your body will expend after it’s finished returning the body back to homeostasis.

You’ll be recovering for a while from squats - hence, burning more calories later that night while watching ‘The Biggest Loser’ on TV - or whatever show is your preference.

Furthermore, because weight training helps to build and maintain muscle mass, this in itself helps to boost the metabolism, further making it easier for you to lose weight and keep it off in the process.

So, next workout, detour past those cardio machines and get yourself under a barbell.

When squatting, go as low as you can so you really feel it. This is what will help you get the body you want.