What To Eat For A Refeed?

Today's question comes from a reader who is not quite sure what to be eating on his refeed. He writes:

I think it's time I started incorporating refeeds into my diet but am not really sure what types of foods I should be eating. Any suggestions? I'm 6'5" and 280 pounds.

A: Refeeds are a critical part of any intense diet and without them, the chances that you stall and stop losing fat are high.

In terms of the exact foods you want to be eating - think fun and think high-carb.

What you want to avoid are foods high in fat though because our primary aim here is to increase muscle glycogen levels and fat is only going to slow this process down - not a good thing.

So, typical examples could be 'kiddy' cereals, perogies, pasta, bagels, white rice, cereal bars, pancakes with maple syrup, and so on.

Don't be scared of a little sugar - sugar is good, just don't over do it. Starch and sugar is what you want, while avoiding too much fructose (check the ingredients for the words corn syrup).

Couple these carbohydrates with some protein to help moderate insulin levels and your set to go.
Try and get out of the mindset though that you need to eat extremely healthy or 'clean' foods because it could make the process of the refeed a great deal harder - especially if you're looking to take in 3000-4000 calories worth carbs.