Struggling To Gain Weight?

You eat and eat and eat - yet you never seem to gain weight.

You’re in the gym so much that you might as well make it your new second home - not to mention you’ve been asked more than once if you worked there.

The scale never moves, in fact, some weeks it even goes down!

Does this sound familiar?

If so, take comfort in knowing you aren’t alone. Many guys struggle with this issue. They just can’t gain weight. PERIOD. They’ve tried and tried for what seems like years on end. One month they might finally make a five pound gain, only to find it rapidly disappear the next.

This leaves them puzzled, wondering where they are going wrong - or maybe, their body is just in an all out war to fight them.

If this is the story of the last few years of your training history, it’s time for you to recognize the issue at play and make corresponding changes so that you do start seeing results - because if you’re never going to see results, what’s the point in wasting so many hours of your life that you’ll never get back in the gym?

These types of individuals are commonly referred to as ‘hardgainers’ and are those who have a metabolism that tends to just speed right up as food intake increases.

Be aware though that some people aren’t actually hardgainers, they just are not on a correct training program or diet plan. Often this is the case among those who are in the gym for more than 90 minutes a day, five times a week. They are simply on the verge of overtraining, and when this occurs, muscle gain is extremely hard to come by.

You must remember that your body actually repairs and grows new muscle while you are resting and as such, if there isn’t enough rest, there isn’t any muscle gain - end of story.

This does only make up some of the population though; for the others, they must learn to adopt certain types of training programs that are more compatible with their body type.

If they don’t, they’ll just end up spinning their wheels for what could be, years to come.

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