Five Ways To Kick Up The Intensity of Your Workouts and Lose Fat

Let's face it, fat loss can be tough. Unless you're constantly looking for ways to ramp up the intensity of your workout and push your body out of that comfort zone it seems to be stuck in, you're going to be lacking results.

After going into the gym day in and day out, the last thing you want to feel is disappointment - but sadly, unless you are consistently changing your workout program, this is very likely what you will feel.

While being on a good weight loss diet is definitely going to play a predominant role in ensuring that you do see results, what you do with your workout will most definitely impact things.

Having techniques in your arsenal that you can use to blast that fat off your body quicker is going to go a long way towards getting you the results you deserve from your hard work in the gym.

Since no one particularly likes feeling like they’re wasting their time, these principles will help guarantee that you aren't.

Do not try and implement them all at once though, as that’s likely going to be too much to handle. One by one cycle them through your workouts, taking note of which gives you optimal results.

Decrease Rest Time

Right now, how much time are you allowing for rest during your sets?

I want you to half that. That’s right - if you used to use sixty seconds, try and do thirty.

If you’re finding that this is just too much, bump it to forty five seconds. Being able to lift heavy is still the most important factor, so just be sure it does not leave you without this ability.

Throw In An Exercise Ball

The next way to bump up the intensity of your weight loss workouts is to incorporate in an exercise ball.

This will cause those core muscles to work harder, thus increasing the number of calories you burn.

Good exercises to use the exercise ball with include dumbbell chest presses, shoulder presses, lateral raises, wall-squats (place one leg out on the ball and squat down on the standing leg), and bicep curls.

Simply sitting on the ball while doing the exercises can really give your workout a new feel.

Try Drop Sets

Drop sets are essentially one exercise performed a number of times in a row, where the weight drops down with each consecutive set.

So, for instance, if you’re doing bicep curls and normally use a weight of 20 pounds, do your set of 20 pounds, then immediately drop down to 15 pounds and do another set.

After that, drop down to 10 pounds and try and crank out another set.

These will really push the muscles to work as effectively as possible, thus getting you results in a shorter period of time.

Super Sets

The next way to up the intensity is to perform supersets. For these, you will alternate between two different types of exercises, performing one set of one exercise directly followed by the other exercise with little or no rest in between.

So for example, perform one set of bicep curls followed by one set of tricep kickbacks.

Most people will choose to use opposing muscle groups when following this protocol, as this will allow one muscle to rest while the other muscle works.

Perform A Set Of Ab Crunches

Finally, if getting a six pack is on your list of things to do, also consider doing a set of some type of ab exercise between weight lifting sets.

Since this will allow the main muscle group to rest (whatever you happen to be working - quads, chest, shoulders, etc), but still keep you moving, it will up your calorie burn and thus increase the overall fat loss you experience.

So, next time you’re looking for something to crank up that intensity and incinerate fat loss in the process, consider trying one of these.

You won't be sorry you did.