Three Big Problems With Cardio Machines

Regardless of whether your goal is to lost fat, build muscle, or get those six pack abs you've been wanting for so long, you should be doing some type of cardio activity.

Cardio training isn't exactly necessary to lose weight - you can very successfully lose weight simply through weight training and following a good diet, BUT, it is recommend in some form to maintain proper health.

Since at the end of the day our health really should be a top priority, it's good to do some type of activity that will work the heart.

Luckily even activities such as walking will count, so try not to get too caught up in exactly what it is you're doing.

Now, that said, those of you who do choose to do cardio for fat loss, may want to rethink cardio machines for three reasons.

1. Boredom

Let's face it, hour after hour on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical isn't exactly the most interesting activity out there.

Sure, some of you may actually enjoy it, but you are far and few in between.

The number one thing when it comes to having success with weight loss will be adherence. If you hate the workout you're doing, do you think you're going to keep at it?


So, finding something more interesting should be a top priority.

2. Inaccuracy

Next up is that the readouts you get with cardio machines are often very inaccurate. Did you just do a workout that supposedly had you burning 300 calories?

Truth be told, you may have only burned off 200 calories. Or maybe it was 400. There are so many variables at play with this that using that number to make an exact determination of how much you should eat to lose weight is a mistake.

First should be getting your diet in line and then after that's finished, you focus on adding a bit of cardio training to further speed up weight loss.

3. Easier To Cheat

Finally, the third reason why using cardio training is not optimal is because it's far easier to cheat when using these.

Next time you're in the gym, take a good look at some of those in the cardio section. How many are leaning over the handrails? We've all seen that person on the treadmill holding on for dear life.

This will most definitely reduce the benefits you get from doing the workout.

So, next time you're headed towards the cardio section, rethink that. Other activities such as bodyweight plyometric exercises, skipping, boxing, kickboxing, or running sprint drills will deliver far more results when it comes to the fat loss game.