Factors Needed To Get Six Pack Abs

Like many people who are consistently going to the gym, it’s likely that one of your primary objectives is getting those six pack abs. Everyone wants them.

While most females don’t want to see the same amount of muscle definition in their abs as males do, nothing says ‘fit’ better than a nice toned stomach.

Regardless of the extent you want to take it, there are factors that are needed in order to get the results you’re looking for.

Here’s your abs factor list.

Dietary Adherence

The old saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ couldn’t be more true. In fact, I’d go so far to say that in order to get good six pack abs showing, your number one priority should be diet - even moreso than exercise.

Truth be told, six pack abs are about 90% diet, 10% workouts.

With extra fat covering those abdominal muscles, no six pack is going to be seen.

Plain and simple.

Proper Posture

While this is not going to directly affect fat burning or anything like that, proper posture is going to put the results in the right ‘place’ so to speak while you are standing.

If you’ve ever noticed what your abs look like when you’re slouched compared to what they look like when you’re straight, you will definitely see what I mean.

Stand tall and make your six pack abs show.

Sprint Training

If you want to ramp up your fat loss as best as possible, get rid of those steady state, moderate paced cardio sessions.

Not only are they boring but they are not going to do anything for the metabolic rate - if anything, they’re actually going to slow it! This is definitely not what you want.

Instead, do one or two sessions of sprint training each week.

These are key to fat loss success. You could still live without them if you really wanted to, but it would mean even stricter dietary adherence, which most people struggle with.

Most often, one or two sessions of sprints are easier to deal with than such a strict weight loss diet.

Compound Lifting Exercises

Next up on our list of ab factors is compound lifting. Why? Compound lifts - bench press, squat, deadlift, military press, and bent over rows, are going to be ramp up that metabolism the most - more than any other single exercise.

Since they utilize so many different muscles, you’ll be getting a full body workout with only a few lifts.

This will also really cut down on your workout time. It’s really a win-win situation.


Finally, the last factor that’s needed if you really hope to achieve maximum results as far as six pack abs are concerned is dedication.

Is getting a six pack easy?

No. There’s no point in lying about this as it will only offer false results.

Is getting a six pack possible?

Most definitely - as long as you have the right training and nutrition program. If you don’t, those six pack abs will stay elusive to you.