Questioning The Weight Loss Advice You Read in Fitness Magazines

If you so much as walk through a supermarket check-out line, you’ll find rows and rows of fitness magazines.

Magazines geared towards weight loss, magazines geared towards men’s health, magazines geared towards fitness training - the list goes on.

Many people purchase these every day but are they really any more than amusing entertainment?

It’s questionable.

If you are someone who frequently purchases these when passing by - or maybe you’re really into them and subscribe to many each month, it’s time you really start questioning what you are reading.

Just the other day I read a fitness magazine (we won’t mention which one) that instructed that to burn fat faster, you should go on the treadmill backwards.

That’s right - backwards.

Now, first off, it should be obvious, if you are looking to prevent injury, this is not a smart plan.

Secondly, let’s consider something for a moment. Maybe you will burn more calories going backwards going at the same speed as you would going forwards. I could see it - it’s much more biomechanically challenging, thus you would probably burn more calories.

BUT - and this is a humongous but, if you’re walking backwards, you’re going at what, a speed of a grand total of 2 miles an hour - if that?

And if you’re going forwards, you’ll likely go at 4 miles an hour or even higher depending on your current conditioning.

No matter how you look at it, going four miles an hour forwards will beat two miles an hour backwards.

I don’t care how you look at it.

This should be fairly common sense, but it’s a crazy, out-there idea that I just had to use for example purposes.

Not all tips and advice you read will be this blatantly obvious. Some may seem more credible, but still, be careful what you believe, especially when it comes to fat loss.

Some people are just too hungry for a quick fix that they allow themselves to be misled. Don’t be one of those people.