The Secret On How To Get Six Pack Abs

If you take poll of all the people in your gym, about 80% of them will state that one of their primary goals is getting those coveted 'six pack abs'.

Let's face it - six pack abs are essentially a symbol that you know what you're doing in the gym and have the dedication to stick with a solid nutritional program. If you don't, six pack abs will not be in the cards for you, unfortunately.

What many people do not understand though is that getting six pack abs is not about doing crunch after crunch after crunch. Rather, getting six pack abs is a combination of about 70% good dieting, 20% proper cardio and weight lifting technique, and 10% abdominal work.

Case in point. Look at a 8 year old boy. Most actually do have a small little set of six pack abs themselves! They sure aren't wasting their playing time doing hundreds of sit-ups in the gym.

So, what gives?

The reason these youngsters have better abs than you do is simply because they don't yet have the body fat covering them up. We are born with abs. It's the lifestyle habits that come after that cover them up.

Obviously a good ab workout program will help to develop larger ab muscles, but regardless of how large you grow your abs, if they are still covered by a blanket of fat, they are not going to be seen.

So, rather than just focusing on your actual ab workout, look at your quest for six pack abs as a rounded approach - one that focuses on all aspects of diet, your workout, and those ab crunches.

To learn more about six pack abs from certified personal trainer, Mike Geary.