Night-time Snack and Weight Loss

If you’re currently on a diet program that is targeted towards maximum fat loss, you may be trying to remove any late night snacking from your day.

Many people struggle with late night snacking and more often than not, it’s not that they’re actually hungry during the evening hours, but rather that it’s a built in habit that they just want to eat - period.

You’ve likely experienced this at one point or another. Different people will succumb to late night snacking for different reasons, therefore it’s important to pinpoint that reason in your efforts to combat the late-night munchies.

Here are some common causes behind late night snacking.

Not Eating Enough During The Day

Potentially the biggest reason behind late night snacking is simply not eating enough food during the day. While you definitely do need to reduce your caloric intake in order to get fat loss moving, if you reduce this too far - and starve yourself all day to boot - you’re going to only be setting yourself up for a binge at night.

Instead, try and keep your hunger levels on a more even keel, eating when you reach about 3-4 on a hunger scale of 0-10 (10 being stuffed and 0 being so hungry you could eat the table).

Eating Refined Foods At Night

To further add to the problem of late night eating, we need to look at what most of us are choosing to eat during these late night hours.

Have a good look over your last week’s late-night food habits.

Were they refined carbs?

Chances are they were. These are the types of foods we naturally tend to gravitate to during the evening hours and unfortunately, are also the foods that cause us the most problems.

When you eat them, you’re going to cause a big swing in insulin levels, which then causes you to only want more.

More food eating means more calories taken in. This will then translate to weight gain over time.

Not the best thing for your diet.

Instead, try and only eat foods that are high in protein and moderate in fat during the evening hours.

This will be far better in terms of keeping you satisfied and keeping weight loss results coming.

Eating Out Of Boredom

Finally, the last big reason many of us find ourselves eating during the late night hours is because of boredom.

This can be a hard one to overcome as most of us do tend to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle during the evening, choosing to watch TV or surf the net.

For the next week, make a deal with yourself that you’ll do one chore before you choose to eat.

This might just help remove the craving altogether, and if not, than at least it may get you thinking about a healthier food choice you can make instead.

So, keep these tips in mind when on a weight loss program. Night-time eating is something that can be hard to get control over, but will definitely have a large impact on the weight loss results
you see.

- Vince DelMonte Interviews A Fitness Model
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