Vince DelMonte Talks Six Pack Abs

One goal that almost every seems to have these days is getting a set of six pack abs.

For many of us though, this goal proves to elude us, either because we aren't using the right approach to getting six pack abs, or because we just aren't quite in the right mindset to stick with the program until results are seen.

The one thing that you must accept about getting six pack abs is that they're usually the last to come.

If you're currently trying to lose weight, you'll lose body fat every else first, and then finally start to lose it off your abs - at least this is the case for most people.

So, one big lesson when it comes to getting six pack abs is patience. This is almost equally as important as exercise as if you expect almost overnight results, you're going to fall off the workout before you get what you're looking for anyway.

Here's some more info on getting a six pack, from YourSixPack Quest author, Vince DelMonte.