Are You Really A Hardgainer? Gentics and Building Muscle

One of the common statements that someone makes after they’ve spent a good amount of time lifting weights but are not seeing the weight gain results they’re looking for is, “I must just have ‘skinny genes’.”

Individuals who really struggle to put on muscle mass are often termed ‘hardgainers’ because well, it’s hard for them to gain weight.

But, just how much of this is genetics and how much is simple training principles?

Here are some things to consider.

Look At The Workout Program

One mistake that many people make when they first start weight lifting is doing an overabundance of volume work.

They’re in that gym pounding away, set after set, rep after rep, and barely ever take any rest.

Okay, maybe on Sunday they’ll give the weights a break - but they’re going to do some cardio sprints - just because they have to do something.

If this is you, then you likely aren’t a hardgainer, you’re just not on a good program - at all.

The thing most people miss is that muscle growth happens when you rest. If you aren’t resting at all, just hammering the body with more weight, you aren’t growing.

As evident in this classic example.

So, if this is the type of program you’re on, the first step is to BACK OFF the weights. Steamline your workout into either a three day a week full body set-up, or else an upper/lower split that’s performed twice a week (upper twice, lower twice).

See how that helps things along.

More than likely, you’ll magically start growing like a week. Only it’s not magic. Just proper program planning.

In this case, you aren’t a genetic hardgainer, you just need to train better.

Look At Outside Movement

Likewise, another reason why some individuals will come to think they’re a hardgainer when really this isn’t the case, is because they are simply too damn fidgety.

This is your person who always has to have their foot shaking, who always needs to be walking around, or who finger taps like no tomorrow.

Even though these are such small movements, do them 18 hours a day and it’s really going to add up over time.

So, if you find yourself constantly in motion, you really need to try and relax. You’re burning away a good amount of calories on a daily basis by doing so, which could be just what’s limiting
the muscle gains you see.

True Hardgainers

Then you have the true hardgainers - the ones who have genetics to be built like a skinny person.

For them, gaining weight is hard. Sometimes it may even seem impossible.

In this case, these individuals will have to make some dramatic changes to their workout and diet program.

These are the steps they should follow.

1. Only perform core lifts in the workout, with maybe 1-2 isolated exercises, if that.

2. Ensure gym sessions are no longer than forty five minutes. If you can’t get it done in that
time frame, you’re not doing something right.

3. Limit cardio to simple walking - that will be enough for cardiovascular benefits.

4. Eat more food. When you’re full, eat just a little more for good measure.

5. Blend your vegetables - they have just too much volume and take up too much room in
the stomach.

6. Be sure you are getting 8 hours of sleep a night - this is when growth hormone is at its highest.

7. Avoid excess stress - cortisol is a killer of muscle building.

8. Be sure you are taking weeks off from the gym entirely - overtraining will stop muscle
building immediately.

9. Be patient - rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your muscles be.

10. Stay focused - if you give up after only a month of training, you certainly aren’t going to see results. Accept it will be harder for you and strive to push yourself that much more.

So, next time you start thinking you’re genetically destined to be skinny, think again.

In most cases, it isn’t genetics at all.

In the cases it is, then you just need to follow the steps above and results will come in time.