For Fat Loss and Muscle Building - Short Intense Workouts

If you have the goal of fat loss or muscle building, what you do with your workouts are definitely going to impact the results.

While getting on the right diet program is going to play a critical role in being able to lose fat or gain weight (depending on the diet, obviously), your workout will either enhance or distract from the whole process, reshaping your body into what you hopefully want it to be.

When it comes to workouts, many times you're going to find yourself short on time.

Not to worry though, as short but intense workouts can really be the key to getting results.

To discuss this topic more, here's a video by Craig Ballanytne, who writes programs for Men's Health, Oxygen magazine, and Shape. When it comes to fat loss, his programs are really top of the line.

To get started with one of Craig's fat loss workout programs, see his online website which features a variety of different options.

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The key to getting results is training smarter, not necessarily longer.