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Creating Healthier Weight Loss Recipes

For many people, one of the hardest things about sticking with their weight loss program is simply tolerating the food that's on their diet.

Deprivation when it comes to your favorite foods is a very hard thing to deal with, particularly if the diet food you're trying to get yourself to eat isn't doing much for you at all.

Luckily though, with a bit of thought and effort, you can dramatically increase the taste of your diet foods without adding a whole lot of fat or calories.

Some simple substitions you can make include:

-replacing rolled oats with half of the flour in baked goods
-using a sugar substitute product in place of regular sugar
-substituting in unsweetened applesauce for some of the oil
-using chicken broil rather than oil for stir-fries
-baking your sweet potato French fries rather than deep frying them
-preparing your own sugar-free pudding with skil milk rather than purchasing low-protein, high sugar prepackaged puddings

Obviously you will have to tweak around your favorite recipes to make them healthier, but do try and keep in mind that a very little bit of effort often goes a long way as far as bringing that calorie count down.

At the end of the day total weight loss will come down to calories taken in versus calories expended, so it really will at up.

For more information on simple substitutions, please see this post:

- Easy Cooking Substitutions

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What Do You Need To Do To Build Muscle?

Far too often we get distracted and caught up in so many tiny variables of our workout, that we neglect to keep in mind the big things - the things that are really going to make a difference as far as your results are concerned.

If you aren't lifting heavy, if you aren't focused in on your workouts, and if you aren't pushing yourself each session, trying to reach new maxes, you aren't going to see full results.

To explain this concept more, watch this video by muscle building coach, Vince DelMonte.

For more on Vince's Program, please see:

=======> No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program

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Creating A Fast Fat Burning Workout

For most people on a diet, they aren't exactly what you would call patient when it comes to seeing results.

You want to lose weight - and you want to do it now. Actually, if you had your way, you would have been off your diet yesterday.

But, here you are, looking for new techniques you can use to help speed the weight loss process.

Part of that equation should be looking for a really great fat burning workout that will kick fat oxidation up a notch.

There are some workouts that are definitely going to give you an advantage as far as burning fat is concerned, particularly if they help you to burn more calories after the workout is finished.

That's what I'd really call getting the most results for your time invested.

Unfortunately, many people miss the mark when it comes to creating an effective and fast, fat burning workout.

Here's a video by fat loss expert, Craig Ballantyne showing you what you should be focusing on when creating your own fat burning workout.

To get on Craig's program and take your weight loss to the next level, check out his Turbulence Training program.

==========> Click for Turbulence Training <============

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Shin Split Signs and Symptoms

If you regularly find yourself participating in physical activities that involve a fair amount of impact with the ground, you could be at a high risk for shin splints.

Shin splints is an injury that can affect anyone, young or old, men or women, and will range in severity.

In some cases, the shin splints are so severe that it actually takes the person away from the activity completely, while in other cases, the shin splints can be dealt with and usual activity will be tolerated.

Regardless of how severe your shin splints are, however, it’s going to be important for you to take steps to recognize them when they start, and know when it’s time to seek proper medical attention.

If shin splints are left to go on too long, stress fractures can result, which will really hinder your ability to do anything physically-related whatsoever.

Here are the signs and symptoms you need to watch out for.

Shin Splint Pain

The pain that’s typically associated with shin splints will occur right in the front of the outer leg, right below the knee. Sometimes it will be located on the outer edge of the middle region of the leg next to the shin bone, but this will depend a great deal on the position your foot is in when it strikes the ground while running.

Usually the area that’s experiencing pain when you’re suffering from shin splints will cover a length of about 4-6 inches along the bone and this may or may not be
tender to touch.

When The Pain Occurs With Shin Splints

When you are suffering from shin splints, the pain will likely take place during the beginning of your workout, when the tendons and ligaments are slightly more tense.

Often it will decrease as the workout goes on, which isn’t a good thing because it means many people will continue on throughout their workout, only doing more damage
in the process.

When an actual stress fracture occurs, however, then your activity will likely cease as you’ll be in constant pain.

Recurring Shin Splint Pain

Finally, one thing you’ll want to watch when monitoring your shin splint pain is how frequently you are experiencing it.

Do you only experience it after you do a long run?

Or maybe you experience shin splint related pain when you’re running at a much faster pace?

Or perhaps, your shin splint pain doesn’t even happen when you run - it occurs after the session is finished.

All of these things are important to monitor and report back to your physician about as they can give a closer glimpse as to what’s going on.

So, make yourself aware of what shin splints are so you can put your best foot forward to healing yourself.

Shin splints are not something to take lightly as they can be a very chronic and serious injury in many people.

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Beat Your Weight Loss Plateau

If you are experiencing a plateau on your diet, there are a number of things that you can do.

The most important thing though is that you - TAKE ACTION. Far too many people just keep on the path, hoping that something will eventually change.

You have to change in order to get your body weight to change, so please don't fall into the trap of thinking that the diet will just 'start working' sometime soon.

It won't.

If it's been more than three weeks and you haven't seen something in the line of results in your intended direction, you'd better start doing something different.

That said, here are three options you should consider.

1. A Diet Break

Often what's needed is just a full on diet break. This will give your body a sense that it no longer needs to conserve calories and it'll start burning them faster again.

Usually a week is a long enough time to do this for - sometimes you'll need longer depending upon how damaged your metabolism currently is.

2. A Break From Your Workouts

Just like your body will adapt to your weight loss diet, it will also adapt to your workouts as well.

When it does, welcome weight loss plateau. You need to keep your body guessing. This cannot be stressed enough.

If your stuck, try taking a week off. Then, get back on a workout - a different workout. Change at least one thing around. This could be an exercise, the rep range, the exercise order, or the amount of cardio your doing.

Just do something different.

Remember, stay the same and you'll stay in the same cycle.

3. Have a Cheat Meal

If you're not that deep into metabolic problems, you can possibly resolve the weight loss plateau with a simple cheat meal - also sometimes referred to as a refeed.

This is a simple one time meal where you won't think about calories, fat, protein, or carbs.

Just eat.

That will help restore your fat burning hormones back to where they need to be and hopefully help you see fat loss speed up again.

So, if you find yourself staring down at the scale and seeing a number that will just not move - don't smash your scale. Implement one of these strategies first.

Weight loss plateaus can be beaten if you understand the reasons for why they're occuring.

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Recovering From A Day Over Overeating On A Fat Loss Diet

All of us do it from time to time - eat more food than we had intended.

Some of us are good and only do this on the big holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, while for others, it's a weekend habit that just can't seem to be beaten.

Whatever your case, overindulging can mean bad news for your diet - if it's not handled proprely.

The good news is that if you do choose to handle it in the right way, it doesn't have to mean complete diet disaster for you.

Here are some tips:

1. Don't starve yourself.

While your first inclination may be to skip eating the next day, this will only set you up to overeat later on in the day or the next.

2. Don't over do cardio training.

While cardio will help to burn off calories, if you really want to undo the effects with a workout, opt for weight training. This will eat up excess carbs better and help to use up muscle glycogen.

3. Don't be too hard on yourself.

While obviously you don't want to go off binge eating every weekend, the harder you are on yourself the more likely you are to actually do it again.

When we develop negative relationships with food, we tend to become more fixated on the food, thus it sets us up for the cycle all over again.

Instead, recognize that you did indulge, but then move on. The sooner you can do this, the better.

So, next time you find yourself having eaten more than you had hoped for, keep these points in mind.

As long as you get back on your weight loss diet as quickly as possible, you'll find that it doesn't really affect the progress you make.

For more information on this, please see this post:

- How to Recover From Overeating And Stay on Your Weight Loss Diet

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Simple Post-Workout Drink Solution

If you've been hunting around for information on nutrition as it relates to your health and fitness goals, there's a good chance that you've come across the importance of your pre and post workout meals.

Regardless of whether you're shooting to build muscle or lose fat, these two meals absolutely must be covered to get results.

And if you do happen to have the goal of fat loss, this does not mean you should skip these meals to keep your body in 'fat burning mode', as that is a false assumption far too many people on a diet make with regards to what they need to be doing.

Now, when it comes to your post-workout shake, many people will get very caught up buying all the products out there, when it can be really simple to just make your own.

What you can do, rather than buying a pre-mixed post-workout shake, is just combine some protein powder (for the amino acids), with some dextrose or even some gatorade powder - which should be available at your local grocery store.

This will provide you with a fast digesting source of carbohydrates, which will drive the amino acids into the tissues where they need to be.

So, keep this simple, yet effective drink in mind next time you're finishing up your workout.

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Muscle Building Tips for Skinny Guys

Earlier we talked about some of the factors of your diet you need to look at if you're not building muscle like you would have liked.

While most people will do quite well following the points mentioned there - increasing total calorie intake, adding more carbs around the workout period, and ensuring protein needs are met, a class of individuals known as 'hardgainers', typically have more work to do.

For them, building muscle and gaining weight just doesn't come that easy.

With more on this topic, here's hardgaining specialist, Vince DelMonte.

For more information on Vince DelMonte's program, please visit his No-Nonsense Muscle Building website.

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How To Tell If Your Metabolism Is Running Slow and Preventing Fat Loss

It's a situation almost every dieter faces - the weight loss stops.

In same cases, the problem is not that the weight loss has stopped, more it's that the weight loss never got going to begin with.

Regardless of whether you've had good results with your diet program or not, understanding whether you could be at risk for suffering from a metabolism slow-down on your fat loss program is going to be critically important for solving the problem.

Length of Time On The Diet

The first thing to assess is how long you've been on the diet. If it's been longer than six months and you are definitely restricting your total calorie intake (say you are eating at or lower than ten calories per pound of body weight - so for example if you weigh 150 pounds this would be 1500 calories a day), then there is a high chance that you are in fact suffering from metabolism slow-down.

The body responds to periods of long-term, very-low calorie dieting by slowing down the metabolic rate, trying to protect itself against potential starvation.

It is important to realize though that far too many people blame this for their lack of results.

Starvation and being on a diet are far from the same things. Understanding calorie needs and properly calculating your current calorie intake will be key to seeing if this is the case.

If you are eating at 12-13 times your body weight, you are not suffering from a metabolic slow-down (unless you're highly active).

Current Workout Program

Next up, you should consider what your current workout program is. While diet will have the most predominant effect on your metabolic rate when on a fat loss diet, if you're working out for far too many hours a day, that too will definitely impact things.

A good idea, if you're really struggling to lose weight, is actually to take a week off your workouts, and see how it goes.

Avoid temptation to lower your calories during this point - the idea is to give your body a break and get it responding again.

Once you start back in on the diet, then you can re-evaluate how your progress is coming along.

So, these are the two main considerations for determining whether or not you're likely suffering from metabolic slow-down.

Some other signs and symptoms include:

-constant feelings of being cold
-poor recovery from workouts
-frequent illness
-feelings of depression
-inability to lose weight despite lowering calories (in honest efforts)

If you are suffering from metabolic slow-down, then it's time to go through a process of healing the metabolism, accepting that you might gain a pound or two in the process back, but then knowing that once you do start dieting again, results will come much faster.

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Muscle Building Nutrition Tips

When it comes to adding pounds of muscle mass, the most important thing is going to be getting those calories up there.

While you can tweak your protein, carbohydrate, and fat levels until your heart's content, unless you're eating enough calories total, you aren't going to grow.

It's really that simple - if you don't supply your body with the needed raw materials to grow, you'll just stay the same.

You can't build a house without bricks, so you can't build your body without nutrients.

So, increasing your calories is the single most important muscle building diet tip that you can take home.

Not seeing that scale move up at all - this is where you need to look first. Guaranteed.

After that, then you need to get a bit more intensive with your search on what might be going on and why you aren't getting the results you'd like.

Here are some reasons to address.

1. Total Carbohydrates Around Your Workout

After you know you're getting enough total calories, the next thing will be to look at whether or not you're getting enough carbohdyrates right around the workout period.

It's ideal to get in carbohdyrates during this time, as this is when the body is going to use them to create new muscle mass.

Shorting yourself of calories are this point and you won't recover as quickly, which could impact muscular gains.

Total Protein Needs

Next, you need to evaluate your protein intake. While some people think you need to overload in protein in order to build muscle, this is not the case.

Once you meet your protein requirements, any more is actually just going to be overkill since it will just increase the metabolic rate, meaning you need to eat even more calories - not quite what you want.

Aim to get one gram of protein for each pound of lean body weight you have, and then after that shoot for more carbohydrates or fat in your diet.

Total Water Intake

While water isn't going to provide you with all that many calories, it's still going to be critically important for you to see good results from your program.

Water will help to flush out the system, removing the byproducts that have been created during your session of heavy weight lifting.

This will help you recover faster, meaning you'll get into the gym again sooner, therefore being able to hit the muscles again - which could translate into growth if the points above are covered.

So, if you aren't seeing results from your muscle building diet program, look over this first.

Then, make adjustments accordingly.

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Top Metabolism Boosting, Muscle Building Exercises

If you take a look online, you'll find weight lifting program after weight lifting program that is designed to help you build more muscle mass and reach your body weight goals.

Each of these muscle building programs will likely vary somewhat, but there should be some exercises that are always key - regardless of what program you're on.

There are a group of exercises - ones that I would call the 'Big Five' that should be included in pretty much every workout program out there.

This includes:

-Bench Press
-Bent over Rows
-Shoulder Presses

If you've got ten minutes of spare time to get in a workout, do one set of each of these lifts, going to max out effort.

Start with a quick 2 minute warm-up, end with a fast 2 minute cool down, and you're in and out in fifteen minutes.

With more on essential exercises, here's a video to watch where muscle building coach, Vince DelMonte talks about which he'd choose.

For more on Vince's No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program, please click here.


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Increasing Abdominal Activation for Six Pack Abs

If you have a goal of getting six pack abs, one thing you'll want to work on is finding ways to increase your abdominal activation to help work the muscles to a greater extent than you otherwise would have.

There are a number of ways you can go about doing this.

Tense the Abs During Every Day Activities

Your abs are working at any time of the day you're standing up. For this reason, it's easy to increase the strength and tone of them by simply thinking of squeezing that belly button to the back of your spine every so often throughout the day.

Doing this will not only help you develop six pack abs, but it's also going to help you increase your posture, improving the way you look and feel.

Add An Exercise Ball To Your Workouts

Next up, another way you can increase the benefits you receive while doing your abdominal workouts, but you'll also increase your neuromuscular coordination.

Since the exercise ball throughs you off balance throughout the workout, the abdominal muscles deep within the spine will need to constantly be contracting in order to help you maintain your body alignment throughout the chosen exercise.

Do keep in mind though that it will be harder to lift a maximum amount of weight while using this technique, so it's likely something you want to do on an occasional basis if maximum strength development is a goal for you.

Add Weighted Resistance To Your Workouts

Finally, the third way you can increase your abdominal muscle activation and get on your way to develop a set of six pack abs is to add some form of resistance to your ab workouts.

This could be in the form of rubber tubing, using cables when you perform sit-ups, or holding onto a weight while you performed decline sit-ups.

Do keep in mind with this though that if you really overload the muscles, you will likely see an increase in size of the actual muscle fibers, therefore you may not want to go too heavy when doing weighted ab work.

So, next time you're off to do another six pack ab workout, keep these ideas in mind.

Getting six pack abs is a lofty goal - and one that can be achievable, but you must be ready to put in hard work.

For more ideas on six pack ab workouts, please refer to the Truth About Abs manual.

six pack abs

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Getting the Most From Your Weight Lifting Program

One big problem that causes many people to not get the results they're looking for from their workout program is a lack of focus.

While it's certainly important to get into the gym each and every day, unless you're really dialing in during your sessions and paying attention to each and every rep you do, you aren't going to see the results you're after.

Going through the motions will cause the body to burn calories - true enough, but it's not really going to produce any type of amazing results.

In order to that, you need to focus in on the tensing and relaxation portion of each rep, trying to crank out as much weight as possible - giving 100% effort each and every time.

Next time you're doing a lifting workout, stop and really focus on just that muscle being worked.

Stop thinking about what exercise you've got coming up next, stop thinking about what you're going to have to do after you workout, and instead, only focus in on that second.

You'd be surprising at how much better of a workout you'll get once you really zone in.

For more information related to making the most of your training, see this post:

- How to Get Better Results From Your Weight Training Program

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Lower Ab Muscles and Your Six Pack

Looking for a six pack? You might have to look hard if you haven't had a good look at your diet program.

Diet is always the first thing to get in order when you have the goal of getting six pack abs.

You can exercise all you like, but unless your diet is doing it's job, you just will not get those ab muscles that you're looking for - since they're hiding under a comfortable layer of body fat.

After that, then you should turn the focus to your ab workout program.

With more on some good core and ab exercises, check this video out.

If you'd like help getting started on a six pack ab program, have a look at Ab's pro, Mike Geary's, Truth About Abs.

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Fat Loss Food Types That Should Be Included On A Weight Loss Diet

There are an overwhelming number of diet programs out there, but regardless of the particular plan you choose, there are some fat loss foods that should be a mainstay of the plan.

By being sure to include these fat loss foods as often as possible, you'll increase the chances you have success of your weight loss plan - and probably make things a lot easier for yourself in the process.

Here's the ones to focus on.

Higher Protein Foods

While you cannot group all protein foods in to the category of great fat loss foods, ones that are pretty much solid protein are good options.

This would include things such as egg whites, fish, chicken, low-fat cottage cheese, and white turkey breast.

By increasing the content of these foods in your diet, you will naturally speed up the metabolism (high-protein foods do this), while protecting your lean body tissue during the dieting process.

High Volume -Low Calorie Foods

Next up, you'll want to include plenty of high volume-low calorie fat loss foods in your diet plan.

These will kill hunger levels, making it easier to stick to the lowered calorie intake necessary for your diet.

Such examples include broth-based soups, vegetables, popcorn, rice chips, and oatmeal, and fruit.

These will fill you up for far fewer calories than choices such as cream-based soups, crackers, dry cereal, nuts, and dried fruit.

Not too mention, most high-volume foods are filled with fiber and vitamins, making them an excellent choice when you want to improve your overall nutrition as well.

Warm Liquid Foods or Beverages

Finally, try and make an effort to consume more warm fat loss foods or beverages.

Examples here would include coffees, teas, and vegetable soups or stews.

Warm foods in general tend to produce a feeling of fullness in the body, so this is another great way to kill hunger.

Just do watch what types of additives are included in these warm foods, to ensure that you're not getting a lot more calories than you bargained for.

So, start making a conscious effort to include more of these types of foods in your diet plan.

For a diet program that incorporates all of these principles, while also allowing you one meal a day where you can eat whatever you like in order to maximize your fat burning hormones, check out the Cheat Weight Loss Program.

======> Cheat Weight Loss Program

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The Benefits Of Single-Limb Exercises For Building Muscle

If you're currently on a weight lifting program that's geared towards building muscle and developing your strength, you might want to give some consideration to adding in some single-limb execises.

Traditionally, most exercises are performed with both sides of the body, which is good since it will develop a well-balanced level of strength.

At times though, such as when you're plateaued, looking for a way to shake up your workouts, or are feeling like you might be experiencing a bit of a muscular imbalance with your body, single-limb movements can be just what you're looking for.

Extreme Overload

The first reason why single-limb exercises are a good thing is because they will really place a high overload on the body.

If you think about it this way, when you're lifting weight with both sides, you're more likely to call more muscles into play as you'll have better stabilization.

When you switch over to just one side though, you'll really be recruiting the target muscle fibers, which could stimulate more growth and strength gains that you otherwise would.

Add to this that in order to keep the body balanced, you'll really have to tense up the abdominal muscles, and it makes it a great way to get an abdominal workout as well.

Strength Imbalances

As mentioned in the introduction, single-limb exercises are also good for strength imbalances.

If you are feeling as though one side of the body is more developed than another - which is a frequent occurence among some people, particularly those who are in jobs where they are doing physical movements with primarily one side of their body.

By targeting only this one side, you can help to target a weaker area, making your body more balanced and helping to prevent further injuries.

Concentrated Training

Finally, for those who are concerned with bringing out definition better, single-limb movements are also a good option.

When you get to the very last stages of a fat loss diet, it can get hard to really get that definition showing to the max.

Single-limb movements can help with this, zeroing in on those muscle fibers and helping to develop more of a 'pump' - which enhances definition.

So, be sure you give some consideration to single-limb movements from time to time.

While you likely wouldn't want to be just doing these as the core of your program, once in a while they can give you that much needed 'extra' to keep results coming.

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Keeping Rep Ranges Variable

While you can spend as much time as you like perfecting your overall workout program - getting the exact exercises you need to be doing included, making sure your rest times are optimal, double checking to ensure that you're getting enough days off over not only the course of the week, but the course of the month as well, unless you take into account rep ranges, your missing a big part of the picture.

Max Size

Generally, in order to strictly focus on getting your muscles as big as possible, you'll want to aim to work in the higher rep range - around 8-12 reps.

This will still allow you to lift a decently heavy enough weight to make strength gains, but will also account for the development of that 'muscle pump' that you'll often experience at the end of these types of workouts.

Max Strength

On the other hand, if you're goal is to develop max strength, you'll want to bring that rep range down a bit more, closer to the four to six rep range.

This will allow you to hoist a heavier weight, which then really gets you strong.

It's important to note though this will not make you as big as the prior method as quickly, but when you do increase in size (which you will, over time, provided you are eating in a calorie surplus), these gains will be more likely to stay.

Mixing It Up

Finally, as a last suggestion, one thing you can do to push your workout to the next level, is to vary the rep ranges across time.

This will essentially give you the best of both worlds, while also helping to prevent a plateau.

So, be sure you keep this important training factor in mind.

Constantly monitoring and adapting your weight training workout program as you go is going to be key to getting the results you're looking for.

For more information on this, please see this post:

- The Benefits Of Periodizing Your Rep Scheme
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Why You Need A Diet Cheat Day

Many, many people at some point will experience a stall in their diet program.

They'll be moving along quite well and then weight loss just stops - right in its tracks.

Often the program is not that they aren't following their diet closely enough, but rather, that they are!

You may think sticking with your rigid diet is the best thing you could do as far as fat loss is concerned, but this isn't accurate.

If the truth is told, cheating on your diet every once in a while will do you a world of good.

Here's why.

Increased Metabolism

If your metabolism has slowed at all because of the lowered calorie intake of the diet, this cheat day (which will more than likely bump up your total calorie intake), will help to speed things back up again.

This then helps you continue to lose weight at a rate that's acceptable to you.

Psychological Benefits

Next up, a cheat day on a diet is going to do your mind a lot of good. How many times have you been following a diet very strictly and have felt that if one more person walks by you with a bag of chips you might just lose it?

Chances are it's happened, whether you want to admit it or not.

Allowing yourself to cheat once in a while will keep you sane - and the people around you happy.

Increased Muscle Glycogen Stores

Finally, the last reason why you should consider incorporating a cheat day into your weight loss program is because it will help to restore muscle glycogen levels.

Unless you happen to be using a high carb diet program (which is generally quite a rare occurence), you aren't going to be maintaining your muscle glycogen stores.

Since the foods you often cheat on will be higher in carbs, this will help restock the body so that you can continue on sustaining higher intensity exercise.

So, make sure you keep these points in mind and don't scare away from having a cheat day once in a while. You really will reap many benefits.

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Fat Loss, The Scale Weight, and Weight Lifting

One question that I get time and time again from people is that they've started up on their weight loss program, are looking better in the mirror, yet the scale is going up.

This puzzles them as they think that since things are looking good, they should, after, be losing weight - right?

That isn't what's happening though, which only makes sense it would leave them feeling frustrated.

What's Happening

The key to realizing what's happening here is understanding that in many new dieter's, when they first begin a weight loss program, if combined with strength training, they may actually begin to put on some muscle mass.

Hence they see an increase in the scale, even though they are looking better in the mirror.

Since muscle weighs more than fat but is more dense, you will look smaller in the mirror, yet appear heavier on the scale.

Why This Is A Good Thing

For those of you who aren't training specifically to gain muscle, you may not think this is a very good thing, but it realy is.

The increase in muscle mass is going to help you:

-burn more calories throughout the whole day
-speed fat loss
-prevent injuries
-add better shape to your body
-increase your ability to perform daily activities
-make it easier to maintain weight loss once you're at your goal weight.

So, if this is the situation you're in right now, don't get too alarmed.

It does not mean you're far off track and need to re-evaluate your diet program. More than likely you're doing great and what needs to be done is for you to keep at it.

Always go by the mirror - not the scale.

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Is Protein Powder Essential Post-Workout?

You often hear that the best thing to take in right after a workout is protein powder. It's likely that you've also seen many people at the gym chugging some form of protein shake after their workout is completed, which has likely led you to wonder if you shouldn't be doing the same - if you already aren't.

Why Protein Powder Is Beneficial After A Workout

The first major reason why protein powder is really beneficial after a workout is because of the fact that it's rapidly digesting in the body.

This allows those amino acids to get to the muscle cells faster - right where you need them.

Secondly, it's also very convenient. If you're busy and don't particularly feel like carrying tupperware containers of chicken breasts, eggs, or lean beef to the gym, protein powder works like a charm.

Add to this that depending on the solid protein source you would otherwise choose may have added fat (which should be avoided post-workout), and this is again a point in the direction of protein powder.

Protein powder is also easy to mix with a good source of carbs (dextrose works very well), which then creates the optimal post-workout meal.

But is Protein Powder Essential?

Now, all of this said, it still does not mean you absolutely must drink protein powder to be successful.

Must you have protein?

You bet - you should most definitely not be skipping it.

But, do you need to get it in the form of a powder?

Not necessarily. As long as you are getting protein, that's what you need to focus on most.

If you do that, you'll be getting good results in the way of nutrition.

Protein powder is simply easier for most people.

So, don't rush out to purchase protein powder if you really don't like the stuff or don't want to. Just make sure you are getting in some form of protein. That's what's really going to make the biggest difference.

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Exercising Outside

With the winter quickly approaching, many people are going to start thinking about all the winter activities they can be doing.

This would include things like skating, skiing, snow shoeing, and even keeping up with their running program. All of these activities are an excellent way to get in shape and will really burn calories at an accelerated pace.

When exercising outside though, there are some important safety considerations you must keep in mind in order to stay safe and have an effective workout.

Probably the one that people miss the most is staying well hydrated.

They may not get as thirsty since they aren't sweating as much in the cold weather, but this doesn't mean these activities aren't dehydrating you.

Even still, you need to be drinking extra fluids when participating in exercise in the cold weather, but do note that warm fluids will do the trick.

So, if this means coming in for a cup of hot chocolate after an activity outside, so be it (and actually, hot chocolate is one of the best post-workout drinks you could be consuming).

Make sure you don't overlook this important factor when moving your workouts outdoors this season.

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Energy Bars - Good Diet Snack Or Glorified Candy Bar?

When you're in a rush, there's a good chance you're looking to pick up something that will tide you over - while satisfying your nutrient needs and promoting fat loss at the same time.

While the best diet snack is going to be something that you make yourself - half a turkey sandwhich, cottage cheese with fruit, nuts and some raw veggies, and so on, at times, we're not lucky enough to have time to prepare this or are away from home and unable to make it.

So, then you're likely stuck with convenience or gas station food - where healthy options are hard to come by.

You may have started to take notice to some of the energy bars that are found in the aisles of your local gas station though. Whether they claim to provide you with a good dose of long-burning energy, a heavy hit of protein, or a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, more and more snack companies are trying to provide healthier options for you to choose from.

But, are these bars really anything more than a hyped up candy bar?

To find out, see this post:

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Optimizing Protein Uptake In The Post-Workout Meal

By now, you should already be aware that getting in some form of protein immediately after you workout is going to be essential for seeing results from your workout program, regardless of whether your goal is fat loss or building muscle.

It is at this time that the muscles are most succeptible to taking in the nutrients you feed them, using them to rebuild the muscle tissue - and they're least likely to turn into body fat as well.

One thing that many people do when they're on a fat loss program, however, in order to 'maximize fat loss', is remove the carbs from the post-workout period.

This is a huge mistake.

First up, you need to understand that it is those carbohydrates that are going to drive insulin levels up in the system, pushing the amino acids into the muscle cells.

Secondly, the carbohydrates you consume during your post-workout meal are what are going to replenish the muscle glycogen levels, which is what you'll then use to fuel your next workout.

If you decide to short yourself of the post-workout carbs, you're either going to have to stay out of the gym longer in order to recover, or else you're going to suffer from a lack of strong recovery between your sessions.

So, make sure you're not making this mistake with your workout nutrition. Even if you are aiming for fat loss, post-workout carbs can still be included without seeing any negative effects on fat loss.

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Fast Fat Burning Circuit

If you're pressed for time, one good option is turning to circuit training. This is going to be much better for fat loss than performing some type of cardio session alone, as it's not only going to burn calories quickly, but it's also going to work your muscular strength, which is what will help you burn more calories over the long run.

Here's a short circuit I found that fits this bill perfectly. Have a look and next time you're looking for something quick to do at home, try this circuit training workout out.

If you'd like more information on Craig Ballantyne's workouts, please see his Turbulence Training Website.

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Rest Days And Weight Loss - Don't Underestimate This

I've talked about this before, but it needs to be stressed again. When you're on a weight loss diet and are doing a corresonding exercise program to match, it is of utmost importance that you're incorporating rest days into your workout.

Rest Days Defined

By a rest day, I mean a day where you aren't doing any type of weight lifting, or any type of high intensity cardio activity.

You can do some form of physical exercise - but it should be nothing more intense than a leisure walk (swim, game of frisbee, etc).

Essentially, only light recreational activities.

Full rest is better, but for some people they may struggle with doing absolutely nothing.

Why Rest Days When On A Weight Loss Diet

The primary reason why you really need these rest days is because when you're on a weight loss diet, you aren't going to have nearly the recovery capacity.

When you couple a diet with a very high volume workout, your body will respond - and not in a good way.

This often leads to burnout, overtraining, injuries, and a slowed metabolism - all things that you really must be trying to avoid.

How To Tell When You're Not Getting Enough Rest

That said, the big ways to tell whether or not you're getting enough rest is to look at your sleep, eating, and mood patterns.

Those who are verging overtraining will likely either have troubles getting to sleep, or will not be able to stay asleep.

In addition to this, your appetite might increase or decrease, depending on the individual. The key to look out for is a big change from what's normal for you.

Finally, if you're finding you're quite cranky and irritable, this again is a sign you're not getting enough rest.

So, be sure you really do watch out for this. Overtraining is a very serious issue among those who are activitely doing a weight lifting workout program, but it becomes even more serious when you're on a weight loss diet as well.

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Getting In The Habit Of Morning Workouts

One of the things that many people struggle with the most is getting into the habit of morning workouts.

While you should be working out at whatever time of day you're most likely to stick with it, studies have shown that those who workout first thing in the morning do tend to maintain a regular workout schedule more often.

That said, here are some easy tips to help you get out of bed in the morning and into the gym.

1. Set two alarms - one by your bed and one on the dresser. Have the one by your bed go off first - if you hit snooze, by the time the second one goes off 10 minutes later and you have to get out of bed to turn it off, chances are you'll be up and ready to go.

2. Set the coffee on an automatic timer. For many of us, coffee is a huge motivator.

3. Make a gym date with a friend and make a deal on the consequence if one of you doesn't show (a free dinner, etc).

4. Put out your workout clothes the night before so they're ready to go in the morning.

5. Come up with a really tasty pre-workout meal, one in which you're only allowed to eat before you workout in the morning.

So, try out one or two of these tips, or come up with a few of your own. They might just do the trick when it comes to you getting that workout in.

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Fitness for Moms - Fit Yummy Mummy Review

If you're a mother who is wanting to get in better shape and get her body back on track, the Fit Yummy Mummy program might be just what you're looking for.

Glancing through Holly Rigsby's product, it's clear that she provides a number of practical tips, advice and suggestions to help you look and feel your best.

One thing that I liked best about Holly's program is the amount of support she offers. It's not a typical diet program where you go at it alone, she has an entire online community of individuals who are willing and ready to help you reach your goals.

The success stories she has on the site also speak volumes about the results they're getting, but there really are no secrets to this program. It's based on a smart set-up, proper planning technique, and strategies to make sticking with the program over time that much easier.

Here's an interview I recently found with Holly, so you can get a better 'feel' for just who she is.

So, if you're a mom in the weight loss market, this is one product you may want to consider. Sure, it is online, and many people are tentative about buying online, but more and more people are starting to go in this direction since it's convenient and readily available. Plus, the cost is fairly cheap when you compare it to that of paying for a personal trainer.

The choices is yours, but if you'd like to check out her site, please do so here:

=====> FitYummyMummy

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Late Night Eating and Fat Loss

One thing that confuses a lot of people with their weight loss diet plan is whether or not eating late at night is going to hinder the fat loss they see.

Often these individuals will believe that anything they do eat will turn directly to body fat, so they then believe the key to seeing optimal fat loss is to avoid eating after a certain time (some will think 6pm, others 8pm.)

But, is this really the case?

Here's what to consider.

Total Calorie Intake on Your Fat Loss Diet

First up, consider what you're total calorie intake is going to be on your fat loss diet. If the late night eating is going to keep you within that range, it isn't going to cause you to gain weight.

Always keep in mind that the key to weight loss is going to boil down to total calorie intake.

So, if you take in fewer calories over the entire day than what is required for you to maintain your weight, you're not going to gain weight.

Likewise, if you add in some late night eating in addition to what your fat loss diet plan already calls for, then yes, you very well could experience a weight gain because of it.


Next up, you should be thinking about satiety. If you are sticking within your calorie budget for the day with your late night eating, this means you're likely not eating as much as you should be during the day. That in itself is one big factor that could cause weight gain as it will increase the chances that you binge.

Therefore, it still is going to be best if you can try and spread your meals out throughout the day as best as possible.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Finally, sleep is incredibly important for weight loss because those who are lacking sleep are more likely to binge on carbohydrates, and have an increase in cortisol levels in their body, which promotes the accumulation of abdominal fat.

So, if you're eating so much that you are struggling to sleep well, that will without a doubt effect your rate of fat loss.

Likewise, if you're not eating because you're scared you'll gain weight and this is causing you to go to bed hungry and miss out on a good nights sleep, that isn't going to be good either.

It's really best to try and balance it.

A nice, light snack before bed, that's worked in with your total daily calorie budget is really going to be the best way to see optimal results with your fat loss diet plan. Read more!

Setting Goals For Weight Loss

If you haven't heard about it before, you should always be setting some type of goals for your workouts and fat loss.

A program without a clear endpoint is just going to leave you feeling lost in the woods, so it's absolutely essential you take the time to layout exactly what it is you're going for.

That said, the best type of goals are termed 'SMART' goals and this should be the formula that you follow.

S - specific - if the goal is not specific, it'll be hard to know when you've accomplished it.

M - measurable - rather than saying you want to 'lose weight', specify an amount - "I want to lose 10 pounds"

A - achievable - while it's great to have lofty goals, if it's not even possible for you to obtain what you're going for, you aren't going to get the results you're looking for.

R - realistic - again, if the goal is not realistically something you could handle, you probably should reselect your goal.

T - timeline - lastly, your goal needs to have a timeline. When do you want to accomplish it by? Set an endpoint and stick to it.

So, be sure you're abiding by these principles when setting your goals for weight loss.

For more motivational tips, please see this post.

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Incorporating Reverse Training Into Your Program

For many people, plateaus are almost unavoidable.

The most common reason for a plateau is due to the fact that they have been doing the same type of workout program for an extended period of time, thus it's not really challenging their body any longer.

When this happens, the best way to stop the plateau and get yourself seeing results again will be change something up.

Most often, it will be the reps, exercises, or type of workout split that's changed, since this is what's most commonly thought about.

One other way you can change things up and get your body showing results again is to reverse the order of the exercises and actually perform you isolated exercises before your compound exercises.

This is known as 'reverse' training and essentially works off the prefatigue principle.

While it's not a good option to use all the time, every single workout, in some cases, it might be just what you need to kickstart your muscle building progress again.

For more information on this principle, please view this post:

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Six Week Muscle Building Program

When your main goal is to build muscle, likely the most important thing is going to be your muscle building diet.

Try as hard as you might, but you just cannot build muscle out of thin air - just like you can't build a house without the building blocks, you sure as heck can't build muscle tissue without the necessary amino acids to formulate the muscle tissue.

After you've got this weight gain diet in place though, then you'll need to look at the workout program you're doing.

Probably the biggest mistake people are making with their weight gain workouts is too much volume.

While you definitely do need to be stimulating the muscle, too much is not a good thing and you won't recover from it.

So, being sure you strike that careful balance is going to be extremely important.

Here's a six week muscle building workout from No-Nonsense Muscle Building Author, Vince DelMonte.

To get more workouts from Vince and try his complete program, please see No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program. Read more!

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Binge Eating

By guest author Craig Ballantyne

It happens to almost everyone. You get home from work, tired,hungry, and stressed, and you eat a nice dinner. But even though youare full, you go back to the fridge at 8. Then at 8:30. And then again at 9. You might even hit the fridge, or worse - the freezer for ice cream - at 10:30.

Night-time eating. Binge eating. Whatever you call it, it's killingyour progress. So here are my top 5 tips for overcoming binge eating.

When I hear from Turbulence Training readers about their problems with binge eating, I want to help. That's why I started a list of the best ways to stop binge eating.

1) Brush your teeth after every meal.

2) Keep the binge food as far away, and as inconviently located aspossible. If you have a kids, and keep some treats for them in thehouse, put them somewhere that you have to work to get them. Ie.The top shelf.

3) Go for a quick walk or miniworkout of bodyweight exercisesrather than a binge.

4) Eat fruit, not junk, when you just can't stop eating.

5) Try to avoid the environements where binges happen.

You can learn more tips for dealing with emotional eating in the TTForums, and you get a free 3-month membership to the TT forums whenyou grab your copy of Turbulence Training here:

===> Turbulence Training

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Diet Tips To Follow

Almost everywhere you turn there are diet tips right around the corner.

More and more people are always on the look out for ways they can make the entire process of weight loss much easier - and who can really blame them.

Weight loss really does not need to be a struggle if you apply certain principles that will really take your results to the next level.

For example, here are some quick tips that can help you achieve your goals:

- keep a diet journal - having a method to track what you're eating becomes incredibly important when you need to make changes

- drink more non-calorie fluids throughout the day - even slight dehydration can impact how you feel and the degree of difficulty you experience while exercising

- treat yourself every now and then - you'd be amazed what a little indulgence can do in terms of your ongoing diet motivation (for more on this, see the Cheat Weight Loss program)

- find a weight loss partner - a good support system can really make all the difference in the world

So, keep these easy-to-implement tips in mind. The more often you can make small changes, the more frequently you'll see results.

For more diet tips, please see this post:

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Don't Underestimate Knowledge For Fat Loss Success

One big aspect that keeps many people away from acheiving their goals is not putting enough time to understand the knowledge that is important for reaching your goals.

While you can certainly start up on a workout program and diet plan, follow it to the letter, and have good results, unless you are understanding why you're doing some of the things you are, it's going to be hard to maintain that weight loss.

The thing to keep in mind is that once you learn the principles of how the metabolism works, how to construct a workout plan that will be tailored to your goals, and how to go about making adjustments when you aren't seeing the results you're looking for, it is then that you know you will have good results with your weight loss over the long-term.

By now you likely know that quick fixes don't work - or at least you should try and grasp this concept so that you don't waste your time trying them.

When you can put together an effective diet program, however, and combine that with a solid exercise plan, then you will be headed in the right direction.

That's not to say that in order to be success with fat loss you'll need to do hours and hours of training a day - you very well can get good results in as little as thirty minutes three times a week, but you need to be doing the right things.

That's where your knowledge comes in.

The great thing about learning this knowledge too is that then you can easily change your program around as your goals change, without having to rely on an outside source to do it for you (a personal trainer, a dietition, etc).

So, make an effort to read something new every day about health, fitness, and nutrition. It really will pay off for you in the long run.

Here is one really good resource to get you going:

- Lose Weight: Learn about weight loss and losing weight

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Is There Such A Thing As Fat Burning Foods?

In the quest to speed up the rate of weight loss you experience, there's a good chance that you've wondered if there are actually fat burning foods that exist.

And if so, what are they?

Theoretically, you'd be way ahead of the game if you could actually eat foods that would help speed the metabolic rate just by eating them - talk about a great way to burn calories!

Many people have talked about different techniques to help speed the metabolism up - drinking very cold water, munching on celery left right and center, adding cayenne pepper in mass quantities to everything you eat, and so on - but how much of this works?

To find out, see this article on fat burning foods.

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Looking For A Fat Burning Workout?

If you're looking for a good fat burning workout, you should give some consideration to circuit training style of workouts.

While you won't develop maximum strength with a circuit training workout, you will help to increase the metabolic rate, experiencing a higher rate of fat loss after the workout is complete.

In order to effectively go through your circuit though, be sure you are still lifting with enough intensity that you're challenging your muscles.

While you may be tempted to just ramp up the number of reps you perform and do set after set after set, the workout will be more beneficial if you keep the total number of sets slightly lower, but allow yourself to use a higher weight volume.

Here is a good circuit style of workout to try, demonstrated by Vince DelMonte of Your Six Pack Quest.

Click HERE for more from Vince DelMonte.

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Factors That Affect The Rate Of Weight Loss You Experience

One thing that serves to puzzle a lot of dieters is why some people can lose weight so easily while others struggle, struggle, and struggle some more.

What makes weight loss so easy for one person yet so difficult for another?

Why do some people seem to be able to eat whatever they want and still lose weight?

Are they just genetically blessed?

There are a few big reasons why this occurs.

Muscle Mass

The first factor that's really going to affect how quickly you lose weight is the amount of muscle mass you are holding.

Those people who have a higher body weight - comprised of more muscle mass, are going to lose body fat quicker than those who don't.

The reason - they can eat more. Muscle tissue is like a little calorie burning power house, so the more of it you have, the more calories you can eat while maintaining your weight.

Unintentional Activity

The next reason why some people seem to burn off body fat so quickly is because they're always moving.

Maybe they aren't always exercising, but have a look at them. They're shaking their foot, tapping their pencil, getting up to change the channel, and so on.

These people burn more calories on a daily basis, hence they experience a higher rate of weight loss.

Better Hormonal Profile

Finally, the last reason why some people seem to be able to lose weight so well is because they have a better hormonal profile going on.

Those individuals who diet for longer periods of time, tend to have hormones that have come to realize they are trying to survive on a lowered calorie intake, and thus, are in a bit of a conservation mode.

Furthermore, when these hormones get out of alignment, dieting becomes ten times harder. Hunger levels are high, fatigue levels are almost intolerable, and you essentially just do not feel well.

The solution to this problem then is resetting your hormone levels so the body no longer believes that it must conserve calories to survive.

It's then that you'll start burning up calories at an elevated rate and start seeing some good results form your program.

For more information on how to do this, please see the Cheat Weight Loss Program.

===> Cheat Weight Loss Program Read more!

Weight Loss Foods and Flavor

One of the biggest reasons why individuals fall of their diets is because the food they are eating tastes bland and not attractive at all.

Whenever you remove the foods that you typically do enjoy eating, you are going to feel it psychologically, which is often the harderst part of being on a fat loss diet to begin with.

With a little bit of creativity though, you can certainly improve the taste of the foods you're eating, all while keeping the total calorie count, carbohydrate count, and fat count down.

Some quick ideas are:

-use more spices to flavor foods - if you opt for herbs, they have additional health benefits as well

-try out some of the flavored surgar-free syrups that are on the market. These are ideal for helping you control calories while adding more flavor

-consider using low-sodium broths when making stir-fry's, soups, or as a base for a sauce you might be preparing.

By combining these ideas you will find that fat loss becomes a lot easier and more manageable.

For information on a diet plan that allows you to have a 'cheat meal' each day while still losing weight, please see the Cheat Weight Loss Program. This will be ideal for those who just cannot cut out their favorite foods.

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A Better Arm Workout Program

One of the main goals of a lot of people with their weight lifting programs is focusing in on the arm muscles, developing their 'guns' - or so they like to call them.

Essentially, the two main muscles that comprise your arm are the biceps and triceps, although it should be noted that the bicep is made up of the long head and the short head, and the tricep is divided into three difference sections as well (long head, medial head, and lateral head).

As such, while you can perform slightly different exercises to target each individual head of the muscle (by aiming from a different angle), for the most part, your best off just taking a well-rounded approach and focusing on core lifts, which are going to work all the heads at once.

The big mistake that too many people make is doing so many different variations of curls and tricep extensions or kickbacks, but neglecting to consider the impact a really great bench and bent over row can have on these muscles.

As the bench press and the bent over row exercise will both call the triceps and biceps into play respectively, they will be optimal for stimulating growth.

Due to the fact that you're likely to be much more powerful on these movements, that in itself is a strong signal for growth (more weight is lifted).

So, next time you're headed to the gym for a gun show, make sure you don't leave out the core lifts. You should always be aiming to perform the isolated exercises (all those curl variations you love so much) on the same day as your main core lift training, as that will help prevent overtraining from taking place.

For more information on effective arm workout, please see this post:

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Gender, Body Fat, and Health

For most of us, the goal to get leaner is one of the top driving priorities we have when we go about our health and fitness goals.

Some people will go to great lengths to try and achieve the look they are going for -dehydration their body's, dieting to great lengths, and spending hours in the gym performing cardio sessions.

This is not atypical at all of those who are competing in professional bodybuilding and figure, as they must get down to extremely lean body fat levels in order to step on stage.

Where some people make the mistake though is thinking that they can maintan such levels of leanness.

While you definitely can get down to quite low levels in the short-term, if you attempt to stay at that level of body fat, you're going to experience problems in the coming months.

Women in particular are at a higher risk of health problems when they are very lean because women are naturally supposed to have a higher required body fat level in order to maintain health and a proper reproductive system.

One thing that must be stressed as well is taking the focus off the scale weight and moving on to this body fat or waist-to-hip ration.

This gives us a much better indication of where you stand with regards to health, as someone who is very muscular and hence weighs quite a bit, can actually be classified as overweight according to the scale and bmi charts.

So, be sure you work on maintaining a realistic viewpoint when it comes to your overall body fat.

If you continually try and push yourself to stay at very low levels, you will run into problems.

For more information on this, please see:

- Gender, Body Fat, and Health

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Low Carb Diets - Why They Work

By this point, it's highly likely that you've come across someone who tells you that low carb diets are the best way to lose fat.

Is this the truth though?

Are low carb diets really superior when it comes to weight loss than higher carb approaches?

Many people do fall into the trap of thinking that there is something special that causes low carb diets to help the body shed more fat, but in reality, this isn't quite the case.

While the thinking behind low carb diets is that by removing carbohydrates, you will cause your body to resort to burning body fat as fuel would seem to make sense that it would be advantageous, the thing to keep in mind that when on these diets, you will be eating more dietary fat, therefore you still will be taking in similar calories that will be used for energy (all protein diets for longer periods of time are not recommended).

Low Carb Diets and Hunger

One thing that low carb diets do tend to help out with is hunger levels. When you remove carbohydrates from the diet, you will not get nearly the same insulin secretion response, therefore you'll likely find that that cyclic hunger you typically experience during the day is no longer present.

When this makes it much easier to stick with your diet, then that is a big reason why you might have greater success on a low carb diet approach.

Click here for more information on why low carb diets work.

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Fat Loss Secrets Thin People Know

Ever know someone who seems to be able to eat anything they want yet still stay thin? Or, they hardly ever hit the gym but still look great?

What's going on here?

Most of the time, these people are not some type of genetically blessed mutants, more that they know some key principles that allow them to stay thin without making their diet and fitness program their life.

The two biggest reasons that these people are like this can be summed up as:

1. They don't obsess over food because they do allow themselves to eat their favorite foods once in a while (in other words their diet has some leeway).

2. They know which exercises in the gym are going to deliver maximum results so they can focus on those, getting the best workout possible for the shortest time committment.

When you learn to follow these principles, you might find that you don't quite struggle with the weight loss process quite so much.

For more information on other fat loss secrets that these people utilize, see this:


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Keeping Track Of Your Diet Progress

While at times it may seem like you aren't really making much progress at all on your diet, most of the time this isn't the case.

You must remember that weight loss can seem slow at times, but if you look at the big picture, you'll see just how far you've come.

For example, if you only manage to squeeze in one extra rep in your workout that day, you may look at this as not really any improvement over last time.

But, I bet if you looked back to three months ago, you were using a weight that is much ligher than you are now (assuming of course, you are making the effort to constantly challenge yourself).

When it comes to dieting though, it can be less clear, so it's critical that you know how to judge your progress so you aren't misled.

Relying on the scale weight can be a huge mistake because very often this isn't representative at all of true weight loss.

You're much better to go by other factors such as the way your clothes are fitting, the energy levels you have, how you look in the mirror, and so on.

Those measures will really determine if you're making progress or not.

For more information on this, please check out this post:

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Quick Fitness Weight Loss Tricks

Many times people find themselves plateauing on their fat loss workouts and then start wondering what they're doing wrong.

After all, they've followed the diet to a 'T', they're in the gym every day practically slaving away, and more importantly, they haven't swayed from their diet one bit.

So, what could be going wrong?

It just doesn't seem to make sense to so many people.

Often one of the biggest reasons behind a weight loss plateau is sticking with the same fitness weight loss workout for far too long.

If you don't continually change up your program, you're never shocking your body to get more results.

Esentially, your body senses the same workout being performed over and over again and thinks, 'I know how to handle this, why should I change'?

Therefore, in order to get your body to change, you need to change your workout.

Some simple ideas for creating change are:
-mixing up the order of your exercises
-adding new exercises
-switching cardio methods
-taking your workout outside
-completing a bodyweight circuit
...and the list goes on.

Try and implement one new change each week and I promise you won't suffer from plateaus nearly as often.

For more information on this topic, please see:


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Weight Loss Pill - Is One Right For You?

It doesn't take much effort to see just how many different weight loss diet pill products are available out there.

Walk into your local supplement store and you'll be bombarded with bottle after bottle of fat burning concoctions that are designed to help ramp up your rate of fat loss.

But, do they really work?

In order to really understand if a weight loss pill is right for you, it's important to consider what ingredients are listed and what effects they will have in the body.

While each pill will likely differ slightly, there are still some common 'big' ingredients that are typically there.

They include:
-green tea extract

By learning more about these ingredients, you can make the best choice for you.


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Easy Weight Loss Tips

If you're currently on a weight loss diet and are struggling, the problem may not be with you yourself, but rather, with the dietary approach you're using.

Far too many of us get on these diet programs that have so many rules, regulations, and counting - and end up just feeling overwhelmed.

This is a very normal process, particularly if you're someone who doesn't have a lot of experience with nutrition and planning out a diet.

To help increase your chances of success on a weight loss program than, you'd be better advised to instead look for a weight loss diet plan that is easy to follow, easy to understand, and fits in with your lifestyle.

The lifestyle factor of this really cannot be stressed enough because if that diet is next to impossible for you to follow, you aren't going to be using it very long.

And, a diet is really only as beneficial as you are on it, so if you aren't maintaining the plan, you aren't going to go very far.

So, that said, here are some easy weight loss tips.

===> Easy Weight Loss Strategies

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Muscle Building Mistakes That Hinder Weight Gain

While there are a variety of different approaches you can take with regards to your weight lifting workouts, there are also some key mistakes that you could be making that will really limit your gains.

Spending some time learning what the big mistakes that people make in the gym that hinder their ability to build muscle is well worth your while, otherwise the chances are high that you'll wind up going around and around in circles, never really making any progress.

Potentially one of the biggest mistakes people make is putting too much volume into their program.

This is so common as most think that the more they train, the more muscle they'll build.

Not quite.

Fact of the matter is that the more frequently their hitting their muscles without recovery, the greater the chances they'll actually lose muscle mass and strength.

While high frequency is generally good for muscle building, it's only good if recovery is there.

So, be extra careful you aren't making this critical error. You're far better off to do fewer lifts, but make the sets you do do, really count.

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The Making of a Cheat Day For Weight Loss

If you're currently stalled on your weight loss diet and aren't seeing the results you were hoping for, there's a very good chance you're in need of cheat day.

The problem with staying on a diet too long is you're body is going to slowly adapt to running on fewer calories, which means then it will get harder and harder for you to see continual results with your weight loss program.

As the metabolic rate slows, you either have to drop calories even lower or find ways to increase your calorie burn - namely, through exercise.

The problem with just doing more exercise though is that that will promote the loss of lean muscle mass, which just slows the metabolism yet again.

So, as you can see, it really is a viscious cycle that occurs on many weight loss diet programs.

Why A Cheat Day Helps On a Weight Loss Diet

That said, incorporating in a cheat day on your weight loss diet is likely just the thing you need for a number of reasons.

First, that cheat day will trick your body into thinking that it's no longer starving, thus can speed up its metabolism and burn calories at an elevated rate once again.

Since many of the foods people typically 'cheat' in are higher in calories, this works perfectly (think pasta, pizza, wings, rice bowl, cereal, perogies, etc).

The Psychological Benefit of a Cheat Day

Secondly, when on a weight loss diet, you're going to see some crazy mind games happening.

You might start dreaming about food (no joke on that one!)

It might get harder and harder to resist temptation.

You may get so focused on whatever food it is that you're craving (the 'off limits' food), that it's essentially all you think about any more.

Whatever happens to you, it is a hard thing to deal with, psychologically speaking.

What's more, is that unless you give in and eat that food, it's only going to get worse.

So, having a scheduled cheat in and consuming it when you're body is most likely to use it to bosot your metabolic rate so you can get better results again on your weight loss diet is going to be the best method to busting through your plateau.

So, if it's been a while since you actually had a meal you enjoyed, now might just be the time to plan for a cheat meal.

For more information on how to do this and the exact set-up you should use to prime your body for using these extra calories to boost fat burning, please see the Cheat Weight Loss Program.

===> Cheat Weight Loss Program

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Quick Weight Loss Strategies

If you're like most people, you're always on the hunt for quick weight loss strategies.

There is lots of information out there that promises that you can shed those pounds in record time, but understanding what's going to work and what's not is going to be critically important.

The last thing you want to do is waste your time trying methods that are only going to backfire in the end, leaving you heavier than when you started.

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Weight Loss Diets and Cravings

After starting up a weight loss diet, there's a good chance you're going to suffer from some pretty hard cravings.

It's only natural because you are literally cutting out foods you used to enjoy and replacing them with others that are included in the weight loss diets aimed to lose weight.

Such foods are typically rather 'clean' and don't have a lot of added fat or carbs, hence have a lower caloric value.

Add to this that the lowered calorie intake likely does leave you hungrier and you've got a surefire recipe for cravings.

Here are some quick tips to stop your cravings when on a fat loss diet.

1. Drink more warm calorie-free beverages - this includes coffee, teas, or broth based soups (which are very low calorie, most of the time)

2. Invest in some low-cal hard candies. They take a while to eat and often hit the spot for something sweet.

3. Try and find low-calorie mock-ups of your favorite foods. For example, if you really crave cinnamon buns, you might try flavoring your oatmeal with cinnamon and vanilla extract.

4. Schedule a cheat day into your weight loss diet. Far too many individuals underestimate how beneficial actually indulging in foods you naturally crave can be when trying to lose weight.

So, remember these easy tips for fighting cravings. With some careful planning and a little creativity, your cravings can not be a big issue when trying to lose weight.

For more information on a diet program that build a daily cheat meal right into the plan, please see the Cheat Weight Loss Program.

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Getting More From Your Six Pack Ab Workouts

In addition the points on the lower ab exercises mentioned below, it's also important that you take certain measures to try and get more from your six pack ab workouts.

While diet and a good weight lifting program are going to be cornerstones for getting six pack abs, focusing in on that ab workout program is also important.

If you're constantly just going through the motions with your ab workouts, the chances that you actually see results are going to be pretty slim.

You want to continually be changing up the exercises you choose to do, adding different forms of resistance to the mix, and being sure that you actually concentrate fully on the ab muscles themselves when doing each contraction.

If you take these measures, you'll find that you're on the road to six pack abs much more quickly.

- Getting More From Your Six Pack Ab Workouts

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Top Three Lower Ab Exercises

One of the biggest questions people ask their trainers with regards to their six pack ab workouts is what they should be doing to target their lower ab muscles.

It seems for most of us, the lower abs is where the real problem lies.

Many people can get those top two ab muscles showing quite well, but as your focus turns downwards, those muscle lines seem to rapidly disappear.

First, you absolutely must remember that the vast majority of the results you see with your six pack ab program will come from your diet.

Unless you are really watching what you put into your mouth, results will not be seen. This needs to be stressed over and over again because there really is no way around it.

After that, a good six pack ab workout is the next thing to take into account.

With more on the top lower ab exercises, here's Vince DelMonte, author of Your Sixpack Quest.

For more on Vince and his program, please visit his website.

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Anatomy of a Cheat Meal on a Fat Loss Program

More and more people are starting to understand the importance of cheat meals or entire cheat days when on a fat loss plan.

What happens when we go on a very restrictive diet is that as time goes on, our metabolism begins to slow, adapting to the current calorie intake we are taking in.

So, for example, if you used to require 1800 calories to maintain your weight, but have been dieting at a level closer to around 1300, you now may only require 1600 calories to just maintain because of the fact the metabolism has slowed.

The degree of slow-down that you experience will vary depending on how severe your diet is and how lean you are to start with, but one thing is for certain, long periods of dieting almost always spell trouble for our metabolic rates.

When we incorporate in a cheat meal - or full cheat day however, we essentially are helping trick our metabolisms into thinking that it's okay to speed up once again. Basically, that famine they thought was occuring, is not.

In addition to this, cheat days will also really help to relieve our psychological mindset, making it that much easier to stick with a diet program.

As you've probably experienced at some point or another, when you are on a diet for a longer period of time, your cravings will begin to intensify.

In some cases, they may be too strong to handle and send you right off the diet altogether.

Therefore, by allowing yourself a meal where you can eat whatever you are craving, you remove this problem altogether.

So, regardless of what diet you're currently on, give some serious consideration to adding in a cheat meal or cheat day.

The benefits you get as a result of this really cannot be stated enough.

For more information on a diet program that incorporates daily cheat meals right into to the program, while still helping you see weight loss, please visit the Cheat Weight Loss Program.

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Six Reasons Why You Should Be Strength Training For Fat Loss

When many people first thing about creating a fat loss workout, the first thought that comes to mind is cardio.

Cardio, cardio, cardio - they think this is the best way to go about blasting away calories and losing fat as quickly as possible.

If the truth is told though, strength training is going to be the more helpful fat loss exercise both in the initial stages an in the long run.

Some of the positive benefits of
-increased metabolic rate
-increased muscle mass tissue
-increased fat burning over time
-increased blood flow
-increased mobility
-decreased risk of injuries

...and the list could go on.

While cardio definitely will have its place in your fat loss workouts, strength training is a vital component that really does need to be there.

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Weight Loss Diets To Be Aware Of

Filtering through the weight loss diet programs that are available on today's market can be quite the challenge.

When you combine the different types of variations - high protein, low fat, low carb, zone diets, detox diet, and the list goes on, there are so many different options to choose from that it can get hard knowing right from wrong.

Generally, as long as a certain diet does meet some requirements, it will be an effective weight loss diet program to follow, provided it's something that you can follow.

For example, both low carb and low fat diets can work - but only if you're actually using them.

If you are someone who likes eating carbs more than higher-fat foods, to go on a low carb diet may be counterproductive to results.

Obviously if carbs are so problematic that you simply cannot stop eating them, then yes, reducing this food group dramatically may be a good idea - but again, you actually have to follow through with it.

So, the take home message here is that don't get stuck into the thought process that only one type of weight loss diet program will deliver you results.

There are many good programs out there, but you should consider doing some research first before you dive right in.

Here is more information for more diet programs you need to watch out for.


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Circuit Training To Build Muscle

When it comes to the workout program chosen to build muscle, nine times out of ten people will opt for a heavy weight lifting protocol.

Essentially the idea here is to lift as much weight as possible, while staying within the four to eight rep range. Many studies have demonstrated time and time again that this appears to be what's going to help promote the growth of new muscle tissue on the body.

One type of workout that many people then shy away from is that of circuit training.

Can circuit training be beneficial for helping you to build muscle and gain weight?

Yes - it can, provided certain guidelines are met.

First, you want to still be challenging the body in some way. If you feel like that circuit isn't really challening your strength in any way, chances are it's not building muscle.

Secondly, you want to try and incorporate other types of equipment into the program such as exercise balls, bosu balls, weighted chains, and resistance tubbing.

All of these will help to change the stimulus on the body, which then can lead to muscle growth.

Finally, you want to be sure that you are still doing some weight lifting. While circuit training can definitely be a part of a well-rounded approach to building muscle, it should never replace using heavier weights.

By using both workout techniques though, you will challenging your body and prevent plateaus from occuring at the same time.


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