Dehydration On Fat Loss Diets

When on a fat loss diet, dehydration is going to be one thing you really have to be on the lookout for.

The big issue here is that because you are taking in fewer calories, you've likely reduced back on some foods that contain many of the potassium and potentially sodium that it needs.

When you then start losing water weight through exercise, you're also losing these electrolytes and if they are not replaced with an electrolyte containing beverage, you could be in severe trouble.

By learning the signs of dehydration you can help to prevent this from becoming a problem for you while you follow your fat loss diet.

Here is what to look for:
-sudden feelings of fatigue or weakness
-feeling off balanced
-being dizzy
-having trouble talking

If you notice any of these present during your workout, rest immediately and seek help.

Many people also tend to think that the risk of dehydration is less so in the winter months when you aren't sweating as much, but this is by no means the case. You are still very much at risk for becoming dehyrated while it's cooler outside, so don't overlook this and think you're safe.

Dehydration is not a condition you want to mess with as not only will it impact your athletic performance but it could be extremely dangerous to your health if serious enought.