Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes

When it comes to creating a fat loss program plan, there are a wide variety of mistakes that you often see people making.

Some make mistakes with their fat loss workout.

Others make errors with the fat loss diet set-up.

Whatever the case, these issues often mean less than optimal results, even though the individual may be putting for a great deal of effort.

This then leads to lots of frustration along the way.

That said, here are the big ones to watch out for.

Fat Loss Mistake #1: Too Much Cardio

While cardio training is important, don't get too carried away. Too much cardio at the expense of a good strength training program will only have you losing muscle mass and potentially even gaining body fat. This is not what you want at all.

Fat Loss Mistake #2: Too Little Rest

The second biggest fat loss mistake is not taking enough time to rest. Dieting is a stresser placed on the body - after all, you are asking the body to run on less fuel than it would prefer, therefore if you are pushing too hard, the body is going to fight back. And, fight back hard.

Try to avoid exercising hard any more than four days a week. Two days can be moderate and one day needs to be very easy or off entirely.

Fat Loss Mistake #3: Too Little Fat

Finally, the last fat loss mistake I frequently see people making is not consuming enough dietary fat.

While you don't want to eat dietary fat freely since it is more calorie dense, elminating it entirely is not a good plan either.

Ideally, aim to get at least 6 grams of EFA's (fish oil or otherwise), and another 5-7 grams of healthy fat with each meal you consume.

This will help to prevent hunger and help to optimize the fat burning hormones in your body.

So, be sure you're not making any of these big fat loss mistakes. If you are, take steps immediately to correct them.