Lose Weight Faster With Core Lifts

If you're currently on a workout program designed to lose weight faster, it's critically important that you ensure you have the core lifts included in it.

Core lifts are essentially movements that are going to get you the best results for your time invested, both in terms of weight loss and muscle building.

While you cannot build muscle and lose weight simultaneously, these lifts should always be included in your workout program.

They are:

-Bench Press


-Shoulder Press



These lifts will stimulate the greatest number of muscle fibers, helping you not only burn more calories to lose weight faster, but also increase the rate at which you burn calories over an extended period of time after the workout is finished.

Too Much Of A Good Thing For Weight Loss

One thing to make note of though is that you can have too much of a good thing when it comes to core lifts.

If you opt to perform these exercises too frequently throughout the week, not only will your muscles not recover, but you will also be putting a very high stimulus on the CNS, which will cause big problems with not only your workout performance, but how you feel overall as well.

So, be sure you have a look at your current weight loss program.

To lose weight faster, you need to have a good balance of core lifts along with enough rest so the body is able to improve over time.