Four Ways To Shorten Your Fat Loss Workout and Make It More Effective

When it comes to your fat loss workouts, the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours in the gym. Not only because you have a life to lead, but also because too much time in the gym can actually cause bigger issues when dieting, due to a decreased energy intake.

If you push yourself too hard with your fat loss workouts and aren't refueling enough, you're going to be at a higher risk of overtraining, could wind up injured, and may start suffering from a slowed metabolism.

So, taking steps to shorten down your workout should help to reduce the chances these negative side effects starting happening as well as help you get in and out of the gym faster.

Here are four simple ways to shortern your fat loss workouts and make it more effective.

Reduce Isolated Movements

The first basic way to shorten your fat loss workout is to reduce the isolated movements as they won't work all that many muscle fibers at once, hence won't be your best bet for increasing results.

The more you can focus on only performing compound movements, the easier it will be to maintain your fitness and strength level over a shorter workout period.

Add Cardio Between Weight Sets

If you're in the gym doing an upper body workout as part of your overall fat loss program, consider adding in some intervals between the sets you do when you'd normally just be resting.

Since you likely won't be using the arm muscles when doing the interval, they will still be able to rest while you're busy burning calories and working on your cardiovascular fitness level.

Super Set Exercises

Another technique that can be used to increase the calorie burn is to superset a couple of the exercises you want to do.

For example, consider following bicep curls by tricep kickbacks. Doing so will allow one muscle group to work while the opposing muscle group rests.

Just be sure that you are taking a rest break in between supersets so you don't overly tax your system.

Do Free Weights On An Exercise Ball

Next up, another thing you can do so that you can skip your ab workout at the end of the session is do some of your weight lifting movements on an exercise ball. Because of the instability of the body on the exercise ball while performing this movement, the body will have to call into play the abdominal muscles to a greater extent, giving you a terffic six pack workout without doing crunches.

So, be sure you keep these options in mind when trying to create effective fat loss workouts that don't take hours to complete. As long as you're smart in the gym, you can see good results without a high level of time commitment.


2 comments: said...

I agree that you really should focus more on the compound movements and not the isolation movements. If you're doing isolation movements and trying to lose weight you're probably thinking of spot reduction, which doesn't work! Focus on compound movements to build the muscle that will help you lose more weight anyway!

Shannon Clark said...

Thanks for your thoughts - exactly! Might as well make as best use of the time in the gym, and compound movements are the way to do it.