Yet Another Reason Full Body and Upper/Lower Splits Are Best

More and more people in the weight training industry are catching on to the fact that when it comes to developing workout programs, full body workouts or upper/lower splits are usually best.

Not only do these allow you to work the major muscle groups in a smaller time committment, but they also prevent overtraining from taking place.

The Big Problem With Body Part Split Workouts

One of the biggest issues that you'll notice with body part split workouts is that they often end up working some of the smaller muscle groups for than one session in a row.

For example, if you perform a chest workout on Monday and then do shoulders on Tuesday, on both of those days you are going to be hitting the tricep muscles. Therefore, this isn't really allowing them much chance at all to rest, which could cause big problems over time.

If you want a muscle to grow effectively, you must provide it with enough rest.

If you continue to break it down after it's been worked once, you're just going to get weaker, rather than stronger.

So, be extra careful with this.

All the compound lifts are going to be working smaller muscle groups as well, so you really don't need to be doing much more direct work for these in addition to your core lifts.

If you do, you could verge on the side of overtraining relatively quickly.