Hoodia Thin - Weight Loss Supplement

Many people who are in the market for weight loss will come across a product called hoodia thin at one point or another.

But what is hoodia thin and is it really that beneficial for you to be using?

For more information on hoodia thin and what you need to know before taking it, check out this informational article.


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Battling Holiday Weight Gain?

If you're trying to see a weight loss over this holiday season, you're going to have many factors working against you. Seasonal weight gain is something the vast majority of the population deals with every year, which is a big reason why we see gym memberships skyrocketing in the New Year.

Learning some effective coping strategies to deal with this holiday weight gain is your best defence against having to spend more time than normal dedicated to your cardio workouts in 2009.

Here's more on how to do this:


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Six Pack Abs - Habits You Should Have

When it comes to getting six pack abs, there are a wide variety of exercises you can do. Crunch after crunch, you workout every day, hoping for results.

But, chances are, you aren't quite seeing the six pack ab results you're looking for.


You aren't forming some important habits that will make your six pack ab workouts a success.

Here are six smart six pack ab habits that you should not overlook if you want results.


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Top Muscle Building Supplements To Consider

If you walk into a supplement store and feel slightly bombarded with all the options you now have to choose from, don't feel too bad - many, many other people feel just the same way.

There are so many different muscle building supplements out there that it can get confusing as to which ones you should consider and which you should walk away from.

Not to mention that supplement companies spend millions of dollars each year researching what makes you buy and then implementing their findings so you will actually buy that product - regardless of whether or not it actually does work - and you're left in a supplement battlefield.

Therefore, getting a firm grasp over the basic muscle building supplements that will help you obtain your goals is critical.

To find out what these are, check out this post on The Workout Insider.

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Muscle Building Nutrition - Worrying About The Details?

When it comes to building muscle on a weight lifting program, do you often find yourself messing around with finnicky calculations, spending hours planning out your meals, counting fat grams to the decimal, and so on?

If so, you may be wasting time.

This post on my new blog discusses why there are two main goals you need to really worry about when building muscle and how after that, you can RELAX.

Be sure to check it out.


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Boost Testosterone Levels

When it comes to building muscle as quickly as possible, taking steps to boost your testosterone levels is going to be important. Since testosterone is one of the most anabolic hormones in the body, doing what you can to promote its release will go a long way in helping you achieve your muscle building goals.

Here are five quick tips for helping you boost your testosterone levels.


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Natural Hoodia - What To Know

When browsing through the local supplement store for fat loss supplements, at one point or another you've likely come across a product called natural hoodia.

When asked what natural hoodia does, the supplement advisor may have stated that it literally removes any feelings of hunger whatsoever.

You, being the slightly agitated dieter that has had enough of always been starving all the time, figured this must be a fat loss supplement from heaven.

But, before starting to use natural hoodia, there are some critical things you need to know.

Be sure to check this information out before starting up on your natural hoodia supplement.


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Can You Build Muscle With Body Weight Exercises?

Many people are getting more into incorporating body weight exercises into their program.

Body weight exercises are great because not only will they work the core muscles, but they'll also really assess your balancing abilities.

Furthermore, because body weight exercises do not use any equipment at all, you essentially can do them anywhere, making them a convenient option for home workouts, workouts while travelling, or just when you're short on time.

That said, you need to assess your main goals before incorporating in body weight exercises, as in some cases they will not be the most effective approach.

With more on that, please see this post:


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Boost Will Power on Your Fat Loss Diet

Want to know why you may suffer from a lack of will-power when it comes to sticking with your fat loss diet?

The answer could very simply be found with the approach you are taking to your diet program and the manner in which you're planning your meals.

To learn how you can make weight loss easier on yourself, check this post out.


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Three Foods That Halt Hunger and Get You Faster Fat Loss

Tired of feeling so hungry on your diet that you are ready to eat anything that walks by?

Sadly, this is a common situation that many dieters face. Hunger is almost unavoidable on some diet programs, depending on the particular type of plan you are following.

Luckily, if you're smart with your food choices, hunger can be controlled reasonably well, making your fat loss diet that much easier.

Some simple ways to structure your diet to prevent hunger include:

Eat More Frequently

While eating more frequently doesn't necessarily boost your metabolism to that large of an extent, it typically does control hunger better.

Be Sure To Eat Protein At Each Meal

Protein has been proven to be the most satisfying nutrient, so try and consume it with each meal you eat for optimal hunger control.

Drink More Fluids

Finally, we very often mistake hunger for thirst, so be sure you are always drinking.

After you feel like you've had enough water for the day, drink another glass - just to be sure.

For more information on the best foods that will help prevent hunger, check this out.

===> Three Hunger Busting Foods That Help With Faster Fat Loss

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Is Muscle Soreness A Good Indicator of an Effective Workout?

When it comes to your workouts, just how important is it that you are sore afterwards?

This is the question that many people find themselves asking, particularly when they wake up so sore they can hardly walk one morning and wake up feeling fine the next.

Was one workout far more superior than another workout?

Or, does muscle soreness factor into a good workout at all?

Here's what you need to know.

==========> Muscle Soreness - Is It A Good Indicator Of A Great Workout?

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Three Tips To Preventing Binging and Sticking with a Weight Loss Diet

If you're goal is to lose weight and you're on a good weight loss program at the moment, one thing you want to work to avoid is binging. Whether we want to admit it or not, however, most of us have had a binge at one point or another.

While frequent binging is indicative of a serious problem, particularly if coupled with purging incidents, even weekly binges can put a halt to weight loss very quickly.

Thus, it's really in your best interests to do whatever you can to prevent these binges from taking place.

Here are some simple binge-busting diet tips to get you started.

Clean Out Your Pantry

Out of sight - out of mind. Perhaps the simplest way to prevent a binge is to just remove the problem food entirely.

Very few people will actually leave the house to go get whatever they want, so if it's not available, this is a very easy way to make sure you don't eat it.

Put The Food In The Freezer

The next thing you can do is put whatever food you want in the freezer (only works for some foods, however).

For example, if chocolate is your arch enemy, put a box in the freezer. Take out one piece each morning to have later on the evening when you can really savor it.

Doing so may make cravings completely vanish, and since the rest are still frozen, there is no chance of you eating those as well.

Never Let Yourself Get Too Hungry

Finally, the last thing to ensure you're doing with your weight loss diet is never letting yourself get overly hungry. It's when you do this that problems really start to happen and it's very likely that you will binge.

By keeping hunger levels under control, you will remain in better control over your food choices.

Don't underestimate the power intense hunger has over food decisions. When a growling stomach really wants food, it often gets what it wants.

So, keep these simple tips in mind to prevent binging on your weight loss diet program. The more you get the hang of saying no and taking control over the urge to binge when it hits, the more likely you will get the fat loss results you're looking for.

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Approaching Your Six Pack Ab Training The Right Way

For many people, getting a set of six pack abs is one of the main focuses of their diet and exercise program.

Most of these people also think that the best way to go about achieving six pack abs is performing an endless series of abdominal exercises.

While this may be a good solution if you're looking to actually obtain stronger abs and strengthen the core, in terms of actually seeing your ab definition, it's not going to get you very far.

For more information on why this is and why you absolutely must be considering your goals when designing a six pack ab workout program, please see this post on my new blog.

Or, if you would like to get started on your own six pack ab workout right away, have a look at Ab Expert Mike Geary's Truth About Abs program.

six pack abs


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Fixing A Slow Metabolism - What You Can Do To Start Losing Weight Again

Are you someone who has uttered the words, 'I can't seem to lose weight because I have such a slow metabolism'?

If so, then you need to seriously look at whether or not you actually do have a seriously slow metabolism, or if this is just an excuse for a lack of a proper diet program.

Here is a related post on what you need to know about slow metabolisms and what you need to start doing if you are in fact suffering from one.


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Situational Overeating - Will It Cause You To Gain Weight?

With the holiday season just over, many of you are looking back thinking that you should now spend this week putting in extra time at the gym and watching your diet a little more closely.

You stepped on the scale - you saw the damage.

And now the price must be paid.

But, is this really accurate? Did you really gain weight?

Understanding Situational Overeating

When you have an incident of situational overeating, as in the case of a Thanksgiving meal, you likely took in a great deal more calories than you needed and thus you saw a weight gain.

What many people overlook however, is just how hard it really is to add a single pound of fat in one day.

Considering the fact you'd have to add 3500 calories to your daily maintenance calorie intake (which for most people is 1500-2500 per day), and you'd have to consume between 5000-6000 calories of food.

For you non-calorie counters out there, that is A LOT of food - more food than many people could theoretically eat.

Furthermore, when the body is faced with a period of high calorie eating, it actually will start to speed up the metabolic rate, trying to burn off some of these excess calories as heat, or turn the increase in carbohydrates over to the muscle glycogen stores, helping refill them if they are at all depleted.

Therefore, the weight gain you are truly seeing the day after a very large meal is more than likely due to water retention from eating so much salt or increased muscle glycogen storage from the carbs you had taken in.

So, don't stress too much if you found you gained weight after the holiday meal. Your body will be doing whatever it can to return you back to where it was earlier and you should be able to continue on with your fat loss program just fine.

It's when there is consistent overeating above maintenance that you really will experience big problems with fat loss.

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One Big Reason You Might Not Be Losing Weight

Tired of not having results with your weight loss diet and fat loss exercise program? If so, you're like a number of people out there who are ready to throw in the towel.

Before doing so however, you should really take some time to assess a variety of factors in your weight loss program design and set-up that could be hindering the results you experience.

For most individuals, there is one small adjustment that they can make that will get results moving again and have them seeing success.

One big reason why many people do tend to falter with weight loss is....

Lack of Sleep

Having a lack of sleep not only will affect your performance at work and the mood you are in throughout the day, but it will also make fat loss that much harder.

The big problem here is that lack of sleep tends to increase levels of cortisol in the body, encourages the body to store excess body fat around the abdominal region.

Further, lack of sleep also tends to make us want more carb-rich foods, which again is obviously going to be promblematic when trying to stick with a diet.

So, over the next month, make a conscious effort to get more sleep. If you get six hours right now, aim for six hours and fifteen minutes. If you get seven, aim for seven and fifteen this week, seven and a half next.

Slowly work your way up until you're around 8 hours most nights. When dieting, this is one of the best moves you can make.

For more reasons why you might be struggling to lose weight, see this post:
- Suprising Reasons You Might Not Be Losing Weight

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