Steroids and Muscle Building

If you're heavy into weight lifting and trying to take your body to the next level in terms of building muscle, you probably have at one point or another at least thought about steroids - or have wondered if you should consider them.

Some guys do make the choice to take steroids and usually do get amazing results on them. Let's face the facts - steroids will pack on the muscle mass quickly and you will get bigger - a lot bigger.

But you really have to consider what the expense is here.

Is getting bigger worth sacrificing your health for?

There are so many negative side effects to using steroids that really, the cons far outweigh the pros.

Not too mention the fact that once you come off the steroids, that muscle mass isn't likely to stay on unless there is a very high amount of work put forth both in the gym and with regards to your bodybuilding diet.

Additionally, in the gym, most people can easily recognize those who are using steroids and automatically lose respect for them.

Getting big the natural way is something to be proud of. Getting big while using chemical help.... well, that's like cheating.

Obviously in the end the choice is up to you, but if you get yourself on a good weight lifting program and on a very thoroughly thought out diet, you can achieve good results in the way of building muscle.

It really is the better way to try and do it.

With more on training naturally without steroids, here's muscle building coach, Vince DelMonte.

For more on Vince's program, please see his website.

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