What To Do After You Cheat On A Diet

You've been following your diet to a 'T' when something causes you to go off it.

Maybe it's a co-worker who walked past with a plate of brownies that you just couldn't say no to.

Maybe it's an evening schedule that became so packed that the drive-thru was the only option.

Or perhaps it was an emergency that made you skip your after-work gym session along with the home cooked meal you had been planning.

Whatever the case, you cheated on your diet and now don't know what to do about it.

Here's what you should do to recover from a cheat on your diet.

Put It Behind You

First, it's imparitive that you put this cheat behind you immediately. While one cheat isn't going to do a whole lot of damage, if you let this cheat carry on for the rest of the week, it will.

One cheat is about 500-1000 calories, depending on what you eat and how aggressive you are with that cheat.

A week long binge, on the other hand, could have you racking up a good 6000 calories or more, over and above what you need to maintain your body weight.

That will translate to almost two pounds gained, something that while won't be the end of the world, does set you back.

Come to terms with the fact you cheated and then move on. The better you get at being able to do this, the better chances you'll have at maintaining weight loss into the future.

Drink More Water

Next up, try and make a conscious effort to drink more water in the day or two following the cheat.

Many times, the foods you'll cheat on will either be high in carbs or salt, both of which cause a temporary water weight gain. This not only leaves you looking bloated in the stomach area, but also increases the scale more than what is actually representative of true fat gain.

So, you step on it the next more, see a gain of three pounds, and freak right out.

Not good.

Drink more water to help flush out the salt and regular the water balance so this doesn't become such an issue.

Skip Cardio, Do Weights

Finally, going back to the point that most cheats are higher in carbs, if you want to undo the damage, so to speak, you should opt for a good weight session over a cardio session.

While cardio does burn calories, unless it's very high intensity, it's going to rely mostly on fat for fuel (which is good, don't get me wrong, just not optimal for what we're trying to accomplish here).

Weight training, on the other hand, will use stored muscle glycogen, which is contributing to your higher scale weight at this point.

By using up some of this glycogen, you'll help get that scale back down sooner.

So, keep these points in mind next time you cheat on your diet.

Or better yet, work the cheat right into your diet program so it serves to help you rather than hinder you.
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