Top Fat Loss Tips

If you're finding that the scale just seems to be stuck then you need to try and come up with some quick fat loss tips that will get you seeing results again.

Many times all it takes is a small adjustment in some part of your program to get seeing results again.

Typical changes could include:

-switching from biking to jogging (or uphill walking for the non-runners out there)

-upping your protein intake slightly while decreasing carbohydrates

-adding in a weekend of complete dietary freedom (this often surprisingly 'unsticks' many people from their plateau)

-changing the order of the exercises you're performing

-adding in some new weight lifting movements

-taking one week completely off - overtraining will definitely hinder your results

So, if it's been a while since something changed, now might just be the time to shake it up a bit and incorporate these or any other fat loss tips you might come across.

See here for more ideas.