Finding A Little Extra Motivation For Fat Loss

There are times when the motivation to continue on with your workout program and diet will begin to wane. This is a natural process in most people, and unfortunately, a process that many times means the end of their efforts.

Finding little things you can do each and every day to help push that motivational barrier just a little bit further to help accelerate your fat loss results can really go a long ways.

Some simple fat loss motivational tips include:

-taking before and after pictures of yourself

-tracking your measurements so you can look back and see just how far you've come

-setting short-term rewards for yourself and then carrying them out when you succeed

-getting involved in a type of weight-loss partnership set-up so you can motivate each other

-signing up for some type of race or contest for whatever modality you're training (a half-marathon for example)

Coming up with whatever you think will work best for you is a smart option since different things work best for different people when it comes to sticking with their fat loss goals.

Entering some type of before/after transformation contest is also another very smart approach, as then you'll really have that end goal pushing you through. Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training recently held one of these, and you can see from the pictures just how well his entrants did.

====> Turbulence Training Contest Results