Building A Fat Loss Workout

One big mistake many people make when building their fat loss workout is not factoring in enough rest.

Most tend to think that the best way to optimize fat burning will be to spend more time in the gym as this will help them burn more calories faster.

This is not the case, however.

Recovery and Fuel

The first thing you need to realize here is the connection between your recovery and your fuel sources.

Your recovery from your workouts is going to be directly tied in with how much fuel you’re taking in, so when you’re on that diet, you’re not taking in as many calories, hence your recovery ability naturally declines quite drastically.

So, now if you couple this impaired recovery with a higher workout volume, what do you think is going to happen?

Trouble - that’s what.

The Body’s Response To Lack Of Fuel and High Volume Fat Loss Workouts

When you try and perform a high volume workout plan on a low calorie diet, the body does two things.

First, it slows down its calorie burning dramatically.

Basically, the body is saying, ‘we cannot afford to expend any more calories than absolutely necessary, so let’s decrease all the processes that are going on right now’.

This leaves you with a slower metabolic rate, meaning that if you want to keep losing weight, you’re going to have to eat less - or workout more. But obviously working out more is not likely
an option for you at this point.

Secondly, when the body senses such a high workout volume, it will actually start burning up your muscles for fuel.

Again, this is going to indirectly serve to just slow the metabolism down further.

Your muscle tissue is the most calorie expensive tissue in the body - apart from the brain and some organs.

So when you lose it, you aren’t burning very many calories.

This is the reason many of us gain weight as we age - it’s not because our body’s metabolisms slow down naturally, it’s because we lose muscle mass due to inactivity and that slows our metabolic rate down.

So, if you’re building your fat loss workout, be sure you’re mindful of rest. What you want to do is reduce the total volume, but keep the intensity high.

So for instance, if you used to perform five sets of five of the bench press using 80 pounds, now you’re going to do two sets of five using 80 pounds.

Whatever you do, do not reduce that weight - try as hard as possible to keep it up there.

Taking this approach to your fat loss workouts will be what gets you the most results.