Stuck In A Hotel? Use A Hotel Workout

If you're frequently travelling for business, or maybe just on vacation and don't want to lose any level of fitness, there are still options.

Many hotels will offer gyms to their patrons, however you need to be aware that many times these gyms are going to be a far cry from what you'd get at your usual gym at home, so be prepared to make dramatic adjustments to your program to compensate for this.

Luckily, as long as the gym has a set of dumbbells, you should be able to work most of the muscles in your body fairly well.

The gym may not have any type of cardio equipment - or ones that can actually offer up a good workout, so then running outside or skipping should be your next choice.

Now, if the hotel doesn't have any gym whatsoever, then it's time to get creative and come up with your own bodyweight workout that you can do in your own hotel room.

Here's Craig Ballantyne with more information on how you can create an effective body weight workout.

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