Taking The Right Approach To Fat Loss

When it comes to burning off body fat and losing weight, we all want to do it as quickly as possible.

It's definitely important to always keep in mind that if you lose weight too quickly, too much of it is going to be muscle mass - something you don't want, but if you take the right approach and aim to lose a maximum amount of one to two pounds a week (less if you currently are at a low body fat), then you should see max results without stripping off muscle.

Possibly the biggest mistake people make when trying to lose weight quickly is dramatically decreasing their calories while dramatically increasing their cardio. Doing both of these together at the same time is only going to send the body into shock and more likely than not, you will lose muscle mass.

So instead, take a more moderate and smarter approach. Decrease the calories in your weight loss diet first, and then add more cardio if necessary.

Cardio should always be used as the last resort when fat loss is stuck.