Fat Loss Workout Mistakes You Might Be Making

As more and more people become educated with regards to fat loss and workout programs, more and more are having success with their goals. Unfortunately though, there are still a high number of people who are making critical errors with their workout program that need to be fixed if they are going to get the results they’re looking for.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes you might be making with your current fat loss workout. Double check through these and make sure you are not committing any of these sins.

Too Much Cardio

Too much cardio? I know what you’re thinking - cardio is a fantastic way to burn off those calories and burning calories is what fat loss is all about, right?

Wrong - well, partially.

Yes, fat loss is going to depend on burning more calories than your body needs to maintain itself, but, cardio is not going to be the best way of doing this.

What’s more is that cardio has a tendency to make the body want to lose muscle mass, which then slows your metabolism and makes further fat loss a great deal harder.

Plus, if you are losing muscle mass while doing your cardio, you’re really just transforming yourself into a smaller version of your current self - again, not quite what you want.

Ideally, you want to optimize the fat you burn off your body, while keeping as much muscle as you can so you wind up looking lean, toned, and defined.

Too Much Volume

Then there are those of you who have the cardio thing under control, but are running rampant in the weight room.

For example, have you seen that person in the weight room who is doing set after set - probably a good 20 sets or more for a single body part? It’s this person who isn’t going to get very far.

When you’re taking in fewer calories for fuel - which is what you are doing on any weight loss diet, if you aren’t reducing the volume of exercise you do, you will risk losing muscle mass.

While weight training is great for helping you retain muscle mass, this only applies in proper quantities. Too much weight training and you’ll get opposite results.

So, reduce back on your volume of total lifting completed whenever you start up a diet. Your body will thank you for it.

Not Lifting With Intensity

Finally, the last big mistake people make when they are trying to workout for fat loss is not maintaining the intensity of their workouts.

Many times, since they know they will not be quite as strong while dieting as they were when they weren’t, they’ll bring the amount of weight they lift down, while keeping the reps and sets up.

Again, not ideal.

What you want to be doing instead is keeping that weight up as high as possible, while reducing the total sets and reps.

This is a much better way to promote the maintenance of both lean muscle mass and your total strength generation abilities, which then means more calories burned for you.

Do whatever you can to keep the weight up there as heavy as you possibly can.

So, have a good look over your current weight loss workout. Are you making any of these big mistakes?

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