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Can You Cheat To Lose?

If there's one thing that most people struggle with on their diet program, it's staying away from the foods they are craving. You likely don't need me to tell you that when hunger strikes and a strong craving hits, you feel like you're in a losing battle.

It's only human nature to want the things we can't have, and a diet basically emphasizes this point. When you go on it, it's placing certain foods on a 'forbidden' list, which is precisely the same foods you'll likely start obsessing on immediately.

In some cases, you might even start filling the void with other foods, racking up quite the calorie intake along the way.

Therefore, it would only make sense that if you could figure out a way to eat the foods you crave, getting rid of that 'forbidden' list, you'd fair much better at sticking with your diet.

Recently I came across a diet program by Joel Marion, a personal trainer who's been in the fat loss business for years who is helping individuals lose weight through 'cheating' on their diet.

The primary reason why this works is because cravings will be gone, therefore you won't feel as much psychological strain as you would on a typical diet. Instead, you'll know you do get to eat foods you enjoy, thus it's not really even a diet at all.

The program has a good, easy-to-follow set-up as well, which helps things out. If you're someone who likes to eat, this is probably a good diet to check out. You aren't going to be able to always eat as much of any food you want each day, but there are times when you can eat what you want without worrying about calories, fat, carbohydrate, etc. It's sort of like a little piece of dietary freedom.

If you'd like to check out more what this diet is about, see his site.

=======> Cheat To Lose Diet Program

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Hoodia Thin - Weight Loss Supplement

Many people who are in the market for weight loss will come across a product called hoodia thin at one point or another.

But what is hoodia thin and is it really that beneficial for you to be using?

For more information on hoodia thin and what you need to know before taking it, check out this informational article.


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Battling Holiday Weight Gain?

If you're trying to see a weight loss over this holiday season, you're going to have many factors working against you. Seasonal weight gain is something the vast majority of the population deals with every year, which is a big reason why we see gym memberships skyrocketing in the New Year.

Learning some effective coping strategies to deal with this holiday weight gain is your best defence against having to spend more time than normal dedicated to your cardio workouts in 2009.

Here's more on how to do this:


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